UPDATED Whats In My Bag? (Chanel GST Review)

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Remember to WATCH IN HD ^_^ ♥ Please THUMBS UP if you liked the video =) My DIY hair colour video – What I do and Use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3LdTN…

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AppleAina says:

Gorgeous bag!

EternalNyappy says:

Oh what’s the shirt, it looks so good! Cute dog <33 I haven't watched your
videos in a long time, just because I always end up wanting to go shopping
and I have no money, but UGH you're the best style blogger/vlogger/youtuber

nadababy nada says:

Coco lovevu ♡suzie lov u

mseetc says:

I have the same glasses 🙂 Would love to see a makeup for glasses tutorial!
(without circle lens)… Circle lenses strain my eyes so it’s hard to have
it look nice with a strong prescription..

philigall20 says:

Such a gorgeous bag. Could you please tell me how much it cost? I want to
save up for it, so I just want to get an idea. Please feel free to email me
personally if you do not want to display the price publicly. Thanks 

sara gao says:

love ur videos,u have really nice taste, BTW suzi, can u tell me where u
got ur sofa,I LOVE IT,what brand is it?? pls pls answer my question,thanks
a lot!!!!!!!@@

missmeghanmc says:

can you do a hair tutorial on this look?!?! love it!

Yee Yee L says:

I’m envious of others who own a few luxurious things too. But I just have
to remind myself to do what I can for now for my own good future and worry
about these useless things later. lol Life is not about luxury, but rather
the goodness of yourself. I do hate that about designer things, that they
raise in price every year. I adore Prada~ Their SA’s are always so sweet,
even when I wasn’t buying anything. lol! Chanel SA’s are really snobby
though. :/ Baddd experience in there.

Lilgiddypolac90 says:

I love your top!

Bee A says:

Love your bag. I want!!

chAm chAmm says:

Wow, the blue dress looks so good on you.

ABI_beauty says:

So many things to carry ^^

asmrsounds says:


Cecile Yang says:

when are you getting married??

summerheat says:

I love your bag!! You must have stronger arms from carrying all your stuff,
lol. I’m watching your video from my note 2 too :)

Hunniebunches020405 says:

Gorgeous bag! 🙂 I was wondering how much did it cost? I live in London too
and would to purchase one.

Tricia Lopez says:

How much is the bag?

Angela Cheung says:

How much were your glasses

brunna guimarães says:

Coco is always in the background (:

Julie Dang says:

What are you wearing on your eyes? Looks gorgeous!

sana love says:


Peggy T. says:

I just love your style and taste! From your beautiful bag, to your pretty
wallet! And I also love your nailpolish! You have a new subcriber girl! 

UpToChris says:

Suzi, Can you do Vlogmas this year???

bostonMJ07 says:

OMG!! coco made a cameo! 3:44! 

Park Soo Rin says:

Your eyebrows?

superkavman says:

Lol the lipstick wasnt in the bag, was it? ;P

Nam Woohyun says:

What’s the intro song? 

Steffi Ni says:

Suzi,I’m curious ,when did you get your first high end brand bag?? 

Saeeda Islam says:

Awwww your dog is so cute!

hlingdh ng says:

suzi~! your hair is so nice here 🙂
tutorial pls >< 

arin gayatri says:

We have the same phone!! Yey!!

Caroline Burnett says:

aww Coco was 2 cute . x

Haerin Kim says:

Ur gorgeous

Jaz Mary says:

I walked past you in bluewater the other day 🙂 x

Josie Vv says:

I love your dog!!

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