Updated Louis Vuitton and Chanel Handbag Collection vid 12-2014

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Speedy epi is a 25 not 30. I’d said 30 in my video 😉 Enjoy!

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Caroline In Sydney says:

Hi do you know where I can get the last black chanel maxi bag that you
bought in 1997. I love the oversized CC

michelle haywood says:

an absolutely spectacular collection! thank you so much for sharing it with
us – just gorgeous!!

Mary Lynda says:

Love this video. I watch it all the time.

LVlover cc says:

Love all of them! Thanks for sharing! Would love to know how durable the
jumbo lamb skin flap bag is it. Your thoughts and experiences of using lamb
skin bags. Love the feel and look of the lamb skin but … You know. So
would love to see what you think of it! I’m a pink lover as well!

trina leavers says:

gorjus collection huni, and yes the cdc is devine xxxxxx

pursejunky says:

great collection.. what happened to the red flap?

Chanelbuddy255 says:

I’m your new subbie. Lovely, lovely collections you’ve got. Great colours
too. I just bought a GST in beige GHW recently and I’m loving it.

tina tooblessedtobestressed says:

You are so funny! Loved your video & your collection is just stunning.
Thank you for sharing. Your pink jumbo is the first I’ve seen in that
particular color and it is just gorgeous. Ps. Loved your style as well. ;)

BmwA5H says:

Your collection is amazing! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂 New Subscriber
from London 🙂 x

mrsbibilove says:

i’m going to be repeatably watching this video lol ❤️ congrats on your
stunning collection! ❤️

npm2000 says:

glad you are back

Handbags World says:

I love how you name your handbags. You have beautiful collections. Can’t
wait to see more. Have a magnificent New Year!

pamela Peric says:

Fantastic video hun love your collection

Tasari says:

amazing collection very versatile!!! I love coco lol

Linda Klinton says:

You really have à beautful collection. Loooove the XL jumbo. Xxxx Linda 

MSpanders10 says:

Wow your collection is gorgeous! 

Natoya Hall says:

Omg I love your bags 🙂 I just started collecting designer bags can’t wait
until my collection is that big hehe 

Rina Katon says:

You are full of personality, so fashionable….absolutely love your videos.
Glad you are back!

Lovelle says:

Love your collection, great variety! X 

ddgladiva says:

Fantastic video. Love your collection and such a great variety. Want my
next bag to be a black medium/large caviar flap in GHW. Happy Holidays
Doll !

kvloveslv says:

Good to see u! Beautiful collection! 

FancyPantsStyle says:

great collection. i love your woc

Szys says:

Beautiful collection!! Love the speedy in the Epi!!

HunnyBunny Jones says:

Thanks girl missed you.

belinda jess says:

Lovely to see you back. I adore your collection. I ended up picking up a
chanel chain around mini and I’m amazed at what it can hold. Looks like
it’s a similar size to the half moon. I’ve made a video if you are
interested xoxo

Mirna Fuentes says:

Great bag collection !

NoOrdLove says:

BEAUTIFUL Collection! Would love you know where you found the vintage jumbo
in such pristine condition? Thanks!

Linda Klinton says:

And i would Love a review of the XL :)

Eva Chan says:

Love the fuchsia Chanel! 

Lily Bonelli says:

Love your collection! Love the names of the bags! Amazing!

L.M. Duffy says:

New to your videos… I love your shirt! Who make it? And where do you get
the charms for the LV’s? Thanks!

Natoya Hall says:

Omg I love the vintage jumbo omg! 

salma151 says:

Please tell us where you buy your preowened bags
Amazing collection thanks for sharing:)

I am Marion says:

What do you think of majesty’s patent leather? Pros and cons of patent?

uptowngrl575 says:

Nice to see you back. I love your updates. Cocoa is a classic beauty :O)

midgreen100 says:

Welcome back!!! Everything is beautiful. Great mix. The xl flap … Tdf!!!

lovebags2010 says:

Glad to see you!! Love your collection and a Chanel is on my list next
year. I love the color diversity! 

emyers100 says:

Beautiful collection, I had to subscribe!!! Thanks for sharing!

Sheri Mehling says:

What kind of ring was that? You said it I couldn’t Google it. Thanks!

WenD1908 says:

your collection is fab. I. LOVE. the fuchsia Chanel:)

Sugar Dollz says:

Love your collections! pls do a review of medium/large flap and jumbo pls!
Thank you! ;)

lovebags2010 says:

Please do wear and tear on the GST. I really want one in that color but
terrified of the upkeep. 

kimjo007 says:

Great collection!!

Caroline In Sydney says:

npm2000 says:

love your cdc is it mykonos lizard?

Tinkers Realm says:

The GST BC is so Dreamy!!!

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