UPDATED BODY Part 1. La Perla Underwear

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Leesa Coleman says:

I love your shading techniques. your drawing is absolutely amazing!

Art Life says:

You're very good.  Thank you so much. Have a nice day and i'm waiting your new creations!!!

Sashra “Beauregard” S says:

The neck so long O.O

Darya Hashempour says:

Why is her neck so long?

Aran Wong says:

So good~Love it very much!!   Can you also teach how to draw a male body?

Huyen Lee says:

I like it..^^

edgar contreras says:

como pinto la piel

FashionCion says:

Hi, the drawing is amazing but can I ask something? Why do you make their necks like so long?

Sude Yılmaz says:

Thank you very much 😉 Amazing =)

Denise Aquino says:

hey since this is an updated body can you maybe show different movement/ postions?

chietpb says:

I was missing your tutorials, they really helped me to improve my fashion croquis. thank you so much for your tips and techniques.

Ruth Ntem says:

Thank you very much for your video I greatly advance. Can you show how to draw profile body please ?

Mme M says:

I've missed your tutorials! Still fabulous as always! Thank you! 

riva order says:

i like your drawing but can you do something fashion for boys

Arwengirl13 says:


fashionsimm says:

Thank you soo much, love <333

lucia kamara says:

If i may ask, what type of paper do you use and can you show me where you got your pen. LOVE YOUR WORK.

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