Unboxing of Louis Vuitton speedy 30 **PRELOVED**

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Gently used GREAT FIND gotta love E-Bay!! Any Questions,Comments,Likes,subscribes are welcomed !! If i’ve failed to leave something out please send me some f…

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Virgocloud says:

+infamousalex Thank you! definitely a great bag i love it!! haven’t been
able to actually wear it much because of the winter months I’m scared i’ll
get water on the untreated leather so i’ll wait to the spring to rock this
baby! lol but yes the lady i got the bag from packaged it perfectly along
with the keys too! Thanks for the feedback,watching and subscribing! i’ve
subscribed to you as well! Stay fab! :)

Virgocloud says:

+LongCurlyTress Thank you! i purchased the bag from a nice lady off of Ebay
her name is rstewa14 feel free to look her up! Thank you for the feedback
and thanks for watching! :)

Kylee Lee says:

Omg I’m excited for you lol I’m definitely buying mine preloved 

MSpanders10 says:

Love your pre-loved Speedy! Congratulations, i’t is great condition.

Kawana Smith says:

Did u take it to the louis vuttion store to make sure it was authentic? If
ubmentioned it n the vid already sorry but I can barely hear somethings
wrong with my volume

Clothes and Creativity says:

Love the monogram Speedy. Just got mine a month bag and I enjoy using it so
much! 🙂

What I Wore to My Cousin’s Indian Wedding- Part 1- Floral Salwaar Kameez

Daisy Ho says:

Hi Love! I just did a speedy review please check it out if you have a
chance!! =)

Nicole Vosburgh says:

You’re so adorable, you should do more videos!

melvin11429 says:


melvin11429 says:


tralanthia Wallace says:

how much was this bag

MiuMiu G says:

I totally agree about the vachetta patina. I LOVE when it’s all honey brown
and mellow. I strongly feel these bags are meant to be used and loved, not
babied. So a well seasoned bag is a sign of travel, adventure and living
life. Something every girl should do. Enjoy your bag pretty girl.

LongCurlyTress says:

Where did you get such a great preloved LV? Love the wrapping, original
box, receipt, etc. Thanks! Beautiful bag!
Who was the seller on Ebay? Thanks!!!

infamousalex says:

Such an amazing bag, and the fact tat you got all that packaging is to die
for ! Great Video <3 new subbie !

Serafina Recalcitrant says:

Great find. This is a beautiful dream come true. TFS. Hugs, Kiki

Lynnette Bradley says:

I am so glad you are elated with your new purchase. I purchased my LV
monogram speedy 30 preloved on eBay too. I absolutely love it too. I did
get a bag organizer to go inside the bag. Because as you know the bag only
has that one open pocket and I got tired of digging around in the bag to
find things. So that organize really comes in handy. I can also use it
inside my coach tote bag and another YSL boston bag that’s about the same
size as my LV speedy 30. So I will get plenty of use from it. Enjoy

Cravenn5 says:

Absolutely stunning! Congratulations!!!

eccentriclocs says:

You are so pretty and you seem to have such a lovely personality. Love your

msvuitton says:

Love both your bags enjoy them ! And love your nails too :)

MNicoleChic says:

GORGEOUS bag. Congrats

Minks4All says:

Great video! Love your enthusiasm! Stay Fabulous! Xoxo

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