UNBOXING: New Louis Vuitton Purse!!!

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littleblackdress88 says:

Awh, you’re so welcome!! I know how helpful unboxing and reviews were for me when i was doing my research so i am very glad it’s helped you!! 🙂 I honestly am still so happy with my investment. The bag really is very practical and perfect for everyday! Thank you so much for leaving me love! Don’t be a stranger! XOXO

maica dc says:

Thanks for doing the unboxing/review for this bag. I actually have been eyeing this bag on the internet for some time now. I might just put this on my wishlist for next year. Thanks a lot.

littleblackdress88 says:

Thank you! Great minds think alike 😉


Charm313 says:

congrats! great choice – we have the same bag…

addieheartsyou1 says:

Ohh thanks so much! I didnt know you could do that. i was in the store the other day looking for a totally….but they didnt even put the “made in…” tag anymore..i was so confused about it.

littleblackdress88 says:

Great idea, i really am loving it!! Thanks for stopping by!! :o) xo

littleblackdress88 says:

Thanks, girl!! =) Hope you are doing well!! XO

emtRN2b says:

Do a updated what’s in my purse featuring your beautiful new purchase!!! 🙂

bmviola310 says:

i love this style it is gorgeous!!! love it! enjoy hun xox

MrsBeautifuLMrsWatts says:

That’s soo cool scorpio babies yay

littleblackdress88 says:

Thank you so much! <3 XO

littleblackdress88 says:

Close, mine is the 26th! :)

Princesgirl89 says:

Super beautiful purse , and your makeup is gorgeous

MrsBeautifuLMrsWatts says:

Yes mines the end of this month also when’s your day mines on the 30th I would be so happy if you have the same bday lol

littleblackdress88 says:

Thank you, girl!! 🙂 🙂 xo

littleblackdress88 says:

hehe, i am a little obsessed. :o) you are so right, i thought i’d treat myself to a little birthday present, although it’s not till the end of the month 😉 Thank you so much for showing me love!! <3 i appreciate ya!!! October babies! <3 haha

parenttrustvideo says:

Love it!

MrsBeautifuLMrsWatts says:

OMG love that purse, is this your birthday gift? Oh and I gotta mention your makeup is gorgeous and again purse is soooo cute

littleblackdress88 says:

<3 Love it!

littleblackdress88 says:

Addie! Thanks!! No, i actually got it here in Texas. More of them are being made in USA, but they still have some made in France. If you are out and trying to buy one made in France, you can ask the sales associate to go in the back and see if they have one that’s made there or Spain! hehe <3

Vanny P says:

OMG <3 

addieheartsyou1 says:

Love that purse!!! Did you get your purse in europe?? i thought they only had the made in usa tags here.

Sean Williams says:

always pretty nice video

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