Unboxing my Louis Vuitton Cosmetic GM case *Damier Ebene*

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Hello beautiful people! I decided to exchange my cosmetic case for the bigger (GM) size and I am SO happy I did. I hope you enjoy watching me unbox this beau…

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Dee Ward says:

Sorry congrats on the new addition!

Dee Ward says:

Congrats on the addition, I love your collection I have the leopard bandeau myself and I adore the pattern!

Melissa Lawless says:

Great video! I just got the same in the azur:)

xoxoVenicexoxo says:

I just got this and exchanged my case for the GM and oooh my god I love it so much more!!! Lol when you were saying how you felt the regular size cosmetic case felt I could totally agree with you…lol it’s like the GM makes you feel so much safe like just in case you need the room you know you have the room. I always wondered how my empriente artsy would be with the toilerty 19 and the GM cosmetic pouch…I know you have the toiletry 26. Can you could do a video with both items in your artsy?

lakers24922 says:

awesome u did another vid ur soo pretty and beautiful i wanna girl just like u aly ur amazin!! xo

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