Unboxing: My First Louis Vuitton Online Order

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JennyErin says:

Gorgeous piece, congrats on nabbing the white one too (saw on instagram) 🙂
I LOVE my Emilie wallet, if you are in the market for a wallet I would
highly recommend that one.

chocolatechild72 says:

Love the video. Gorgeous purchase. Tfs.

Celita Guia says:

I love you new key pouch!! Congratulations on your lovely purchase and
thanks for sharing : )

milina9 says:

I love your videos !!! Question: do you every think about buying a Chanel
bag? I can’t really afford LV or Chanel but I always thought LV is more
expensive then Chanel. I would love it if you did a review on Chanel. 

Nunya Beesly says:

All I want from LV is a key pouch and a sunglass case but what stops me
every time is the price increases. It literally makes me angry. But then I
love, love, watching unboxings. It’s a vicious cycle. I love your key
pouch. Maybe I should shut-up and just get those two pieces. Thoughts? <3 

mizzymolly says:

Oooo. They’re discontinuing multicolor! Good pick!

Susie Peep says:

You are so fun to watch! I always look forward to a new video from you. I
just recently purchased the black multicolor insolite wallet, but It’s
possible that wallet will be too big and I will want to get the cles
instead. The cles is more functional because it can fit in most any bag
and make you smile every time you see it. Congrats!

Isaias Quinteros says:

Looks cheap

Rachel Ramirez says:

Love it!!! Would love it in every print!! Lol!! 

pimpgerbilmouse says:

I have the emilie wallet in the damier azur and I really want to buy the
new emilie wallet in the piment/orange inner linning and button :)

Curly Qfro says:

Very nice!

Rosemary Fuentes says:

Girl I love everything about you and all your videos! Btw I love your
disclaimers, they are straight to the point and not going around the bush!
keep up with the nice videos!

TXBelle915 says:

I really want the black multicolore cosmetic case! I had no idea they were
going to stop making that print…I guess if I’m ever going to buy one, now
is the time. :/

BeautyInEyexx says:

I love your disclaimers ! People take everything so personally sometimes. 

CarlosSpungenMoss says:

Loooooove your videos!

Dani Harris says:

I was going to buy that this week…dang!

myers19761 says:

Congrats!!!! On your new key pouch & my dream purse is the speedy 35 in the
monogram print 

LuxeAddiction says:

I love the multicolor monogram! 😀
I am pissed at LV is looking to potentially discontinue the multicolor
line. :/ 

Lynnette Bradley says:

Very nice LV accessory enjoy her.

IjH67 says:

Love the color on the inside. It’s so pretty. I’d love to see a comparison
of what fits inside both pouches. 

Cyrus Mehrtash says:

Love your vids, I recently got my 1st neverfull mm in mono, it came with
the flat pouch, it’s pretty useful, I really want a key cles though, I’m
planning on getting an eva or speedy for my bday, which one do you get more
use out of? Thanks in advance!

Laney Starr says:

U go girly on ur disclaimer lol ps. Love ur videos 

Anthony Gonzalez says:

I wanted the damier ebene multiple wallet but I couldn’t allow myself to
spend $500. I am so glad I got a replica. Looks exactly the same and only
cost me 30$. I love your videos and what you have to say. Its your money
and you choose to spend it on what you want to :)

Tjwana Guyton says:

Love it…

Sparkle Frederick says:

I like your sassy mouth. You say what’s on your mind.

oravenheart says:

sometimes i just don’t get LV’s marketing and branding strategy.
that key pouch is cute!

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