unboxing louis vuitton

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unboxing louis vuitton speedy 30 damier ebene £550.00.

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Bugn LVoe says:

Let me tell you about my crazy love affair with this bag. Okay…. I had
the 30, but then got the 30B. And everyone told me it was dumb to keep both
(everyone being my SA and husband) So I sold the 30. I knew I shouldn’t.
Had that gut feeling. Why wouldn’t I keep both? Anyway . . . months later,
I sold the B. And re-bought the regular 30. Which is where I am at now.
~~~~ My ultimate dream is that this bag in the ebene can be
mono-monogrammed. Can you imagine red stripes on the outside to match the
red interior? I would die! :-D

Kelly Robinson says:

How exciting trina.she looks Devine.the red interior is to die for. The bag
charm and the scarf look so good.i have a bag charm and scarf on my Louis
Vuitton stresa pm.i have to get the Stephen spouse leopard bandeau.im in
love with it.congrats on your new baby.its so exciting getting new bags.i
got 2 louis vuittons for Christmas. No one understands my excitement for
bags, except for the you tube community.

Lizz Hogg says:

Hi Trina .. Fab bag .. I like the charm & scarf.. Just asking I’ve the
speedy in monogram 35.. Love it .. I was thinking about buying the single
strap ., to wear as cross bodied .. You would have to clip to each side of
the square d rings .. Have you seen this done before ?? There’s 3 straps to
buy .. Think the strap with out any adjustments .. Would suit best 120cms
£140.. They say it’s not good for the structure of the bag?? Any thoughts
on this ?? .. Maybe next q&a Friday .. Happy 2015 xx

Marla Robinson says:

So pretty. Congrats to you.

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Trina. Congrats on your beautiful new Speedy. It looks perfect with the
scarf and charm. I am using the Tory Burch charm and luggage tag on my bag.
I pray Princess Tara gets better soon. Happy New Year :-)

Adam Yves says:

Absolute PERFECT size for you Trina! I would love a Speedy B 35 in Damier
Ebene eventually, being 6’3 I need the bigger sized, and I am completely
opposite to you and love a shoulder strap, always good to be hands-free!
I always hated the way they packed the Speedy though, I hate the creases
and how sad it looks when it’s in that little box…
Hope you had a lovely Christmas & New Year, glad to hear Tara is going a
little better, sending my love!

HoneyB563 says:

I like the scarf and the LV charm on your bag, it’s not too much! I have
this bag, the speedy B version and that same charm, I think I need to put a
scarf on mine too! Congratulations on your purchase, it won’t seem small
once you start putting all your stuff into it, you will still have room.
Happy New Year to you and your family (kisses to Tara)!

Judy Bishop says:

Congrats! I love this bag! The bag looks great and a perfect size,
although I agree about the opening being a bit smaller than expected. How
many of the same prints do you have now? Do you have anything in Damier
Azure? I’m thinking of getting something in this for the spring/summer but
I’m on the fence about it. What do you think of it?

LewMark Kennerley says:

Wow! Love the bag Trina. I’m thinking of getting a larger size speedy for
over night instead of using my Keepall

Ineswilde says:

Aww many blessings for Tara I hoped she’s feels better soon. Loved the
speedy Trina, how can we not? Both charms are amazing,maybe try putting
them on the same side of the handle, see if you like it like that. Have a
wonderful New Years celebration and many blessings to you and family 

Karen West says:

Love this bag trina I have the Same with a lovely gold and brown LV charm
so gorgeous happy new year to you and your family hope Tara gets better
soon she looks so soft and cuddlley .xxxx

Imen B says:

Trinaa it’s always a pleasure watching ur videos!!
I love how excited u get with ur handbags, I’m exactly like you

Becky L says:

Love it, Trina! Enjoy! Wishing Tara a fast recovery. Happy New Year! Xx

Aracelis Correa says:

Hi, Trina
Happy New Year to you and yours Trina! Great purchase! I love the idea of
the bandu and the charm on the bag. They look divine. I currently have the
35, considering the 25 bandolier as a travel bag when around the cities and
stores. What do you think I have the neverful GM for airport travel but
would like to have a smaller bag that would actually hold things.

bonneymarieee says:

Trina, I’ve been wanting a speedy 30 in monogram for well over a year now.
Yet I’m also worried about the vachetta and I really like the creamy look
it has when you first get it. I know it would be more sensible to get the
ebene -but I like that print in the neverfull pm more. How did you decide
between the prints? Should I, shouldn’t I?! I’m also worried cause Louis
Vuitton prints is copied so much I don’t want it to look tacky like I got
it from a market 🙁 I’ve never owned a LV before. I’m usually a mulberry
girl xxx 

EAP73 says:

LOVE!!!!! I’ve been waiting for you to get this because this is what I
want!!! lol
It’s gorgeous!!!!!! Awwww Tara. I will pray for her, bless her little

Claudia Wareing says:

Happy New Year Trina and Tara – get better soon :)))) The bag is beautiful
and I like both charms at the same time . More is more sometimes !!

MSpanders10 says:

I love the DE print, it’s gorgeous!

Sylvain Beaulieu says:

I love 2 things – first I love love love the leopard and the bag charm
really dynamic – second im in love with tara, hope she gets better #taraific

Jennet Ferns says:

Hi Trina, Congrats on your new bag, i love this bag, it looks great. Wish
you a very happy new year 2015.

Olympia Epirus says:

Hi Trina
Happy new year to you & family
Kisses to Tara hope she will get better
Take care

leatherforever01 says:

Love the scarf and charm look! Never too much! Congrats on your new baby! X

Lynnette Bradley says:

nice so I see you took the plunge and purchased the bag. Great choice on
the ebene, you of course won’t have to worry about it getting messed up in
bad weather. Congrats. I did a favorite fragrance tag and I included you
in the tag. I know you don’t wear any cosmetics, but didn’t know about
fragrances, but wanted to include you anyway. Check out the video, if you
like and see if it’s something you would like to share in. Thank you and
Happy New Year to you. much love

kittymoomoo1923 says:

I’ve been on the fence about the speedy, we’re the same age and it looks
great on you. I’m putting this on the calander for 2015. It was nice to see
Tara walking around give her plenty of hugs for me. 

Robyn A says:

I am so delighted for you! And this bag is on my list for 2015! That red
interior is to DIE for! :D

Sandra Hutchinson says:

Haha wise buy hun, i have the 35 and you won’t hear me complaining lol! i
luv this pattern soooo much ,you’ll definitely enjoy this bag!

Nbcn says:

Lovely piece hun! And the leopard twilly is amazing! I’m about to get a new
LV piece this week as well, so very excited! Enjoy yours my darling!! Lots
of love! xoxo

rosannebent says:

The two look beautiful on the speedy! Enjoy your bag Trina!! So sorry to
hear Tara’s not well. Breaks my heart. Happy new year to you and your
family. ❤️☺️

Dana Ashli says:

I like both the charm keyring & bow scarf! :)

Abbey Mugroso says:

Happy New Year 2015- lovely handbag :)

Caroline In Sydney says:

Gorgeous bag and happy new year from Sydney, yay for 2015!!

HaveLouisWillTravel says:

Lovely bag and I love that bandeau! Congrats and Happy New Year!

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

You can never have too much. lol. Welcome to the speedy club. Have fun
this evening with Paul & Tara x

CrabbySisterCRM says:

Trina, beautiful bag! I love both the scarf and the charm on it. I’ve been
coveting a LV Speedy 30 possibly Bandolier- not going to happen in 2015,
but maybe 2016! Happy New Year to you and your family with wishes for much
prosperity and many blessings!

Ada Solly Styling says:

So glad you got the Speedy. Never thought I was a speedy girl but after
using mine I love the Speedy and I want the monogram one now.

Sophie Garriock says:

When you kept saying ‘it’s so pretty’ and smiling ear to ear, I could tell
how excited and happy you were and it was lovely to see. xx

Deborah Perei says:

Omg!! Pillow!! *.* Happy newyear!! <3 

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