Unboxing Chanel Jewelry – Macau Haul – Part 2

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THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE PLEASE 🙂 Thank you so much for watching! Hi Guys! Finally my Macau and Hong Kong Haul PART 2 where I show you all my new Chanel items …

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Tific55 says:

Great haul. You hair color look fabulous on you.

308PL says:

Love all the items you bought. Do you mind sharing the style code for the last earrings you showed? The small ones Thx

sasuki604 says:

Thanks for sharing the prices they r very helpful

RaquelofMiami says:

Love your hair!! The gold and blush earring is so cute!Congrats!

L Ping says:

Love your style

sweetdaisy2006 says:

love all your hauls…. great taste !!!

All NGUYEN says:

the classic earrings are always out of stock

Amanda E. Hwang says:

I’m so happy that you are back again.

Domingo Montesdeoca Gonzalez says:

Wow! So many beautiful items.

Kesia Razorno says:

Your hair is so beautiful and voloumeness. Can you make a video on how you create this beautiful style?

Shaun Cook says:

tinilla is so lovely and always in your videos.

Eric Chauvet says:

so pretty hair lindie

FaZePS3Uprising says:

Remember to take time to rest. I know you are very very busy in your daily life, but please take care of your health too.

oki louise says:

You have so much Chanel jewelry…

bob heson says:

Love all the earrings

Tony Emanuela says:

Love your style!

THUGlSM says:

You already got back from Macau photoshoot?

Igor Pavlovski says:

Great Haul video..

John Creed says:

Are you Chinese ??

Michael Spring says:

A new Chanel bag in next video???

SamaaNetwork1 says:

amazing haul

kasopise karl says:

The necklace is sooo pretty!

dashaskd says:

Missed you so much Lindie

shockingworld13 says:

lot’s of love

Piczuka Kowalski says:

Your hair is soooo pretty!!!

uhhSwitchy says:

Crazy girl

Sir Wienstein says:

Your hair is so beautiful 🙂

Shurek Shu says:

wow.. so many beautiful things!

haivl1 says:

love the vid

mastergamessbr says:

How tall are you Lindie?

tammysanders4919 says:

Did you sell your Louis Vuitton Trevi GM??

Sara Serrano says:

I’m so happy to finally see your Macau Haul Part 2 and it makes me even more excited that Part 3 is coming 🙂 🙂 🙂

canalplusbg says:

You are such a kind person

KN DesireAndFlow says:

how old are you?

Nguyen Thanh Tra says:

Love the video

Maks Neo says:

love the blouse..

Fake Paulucci says:

Wish you the best dear..

Rafail Nuriev says:

You have such a beautiful personality!

sek14 says:

How can you buy so many expensive things??

john bark says:

I’m so excited to see your photoshoot.

amit sabon says:

beautiful gift you got from your bf

Krasota SM says:

Missed you so much .. Hope you feel well again!

SullyInn says:

When is part 3 coming 🙂 So excited..

kyezaza says:

Missed your videos so much.. I always watch all your videos as soon as I receive the Youtube notification 😀

David Chugenberg says:

Love ALL your videos Lindie…

Loveqvc Lovetheq says:

Please do part 3 soon and I would love to see behind the sciences on work love your videos

RJohnston91 says:

When are you coming to Europe? Will you do a meet and greet?

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