Unboxing Chanel Grand Shopping Tote From Paris‏

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Unboxing Chanel Grand Shopping Tote From Paris‏ Blog http://goo.gl/DW6wp0 Join me for the unboxing of my Grand Shopping Tote (GST) bought from the flagship s…

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Glenda Glamour says:

Unboxing Chanel Grand Shopping Tote From Paris‏ 

Glenda Glamour says:

Unboxing Chanel Grand Shopping Tote From Paris

trina leavers says:

beautiful bag and so special that it came from paris itself xxxxx

blueocean2012 says:

Hi Glenda! Congrats on your GTS, black & gold is most classic combination
in my opinion. My GST is also in black & GHW. It is such a classic piece!
Thanks for sharing & looking forward to seeing many more

Monica-Sophia J says:

Glenda you look beautiful in this video 🙂 your outfit is on point and
Chanel bag is fantastic 🙂 and your videos from Paris rock 🙂 

HaveLouisWillTravel says:

Just got this bag with SHW for Christmas and enjoyed your review and
unboxing. Stunning bag and you wear it well!

Chanelbuddy255 says:

I’m your new subbie. Such a gorgeous bag. My first chanel (PST). bag was
bought in Paris. I just bought my GST but in beige with GHW. Congrats!!!

boardroom blonde says:

I was just looking at the larger GST in the Neiman boutique the other day!
I wasn’t a fan of it but I’m so glad you showed this one! I felt the other
was too large but this one is just beautiful! Also – that suit is quite
beautiful on you as well 🙂 I just adore your style 🙂 this bag is on my
wish list when I graduate next year 🙂 cross your fingers for me ! xoxox

Mary Case says:

Hello Glenda! Welcome back from your Paris trip, you look happy and rested.
Loved the video, so fun to watch. Did I spot vintage chanel earrings in
your video? I believe I have the same ones, what fun! I love mine, I have a
soft spot for vintage Chanel jewelry, especially the earrings from the 70’s
and 80’s, the round large button size and I have a special favorite pair
from the late 80’s which are gold, with the floral wreath with CC’s in
crystals, they are large and beautiful and sparkly, my absolute favorite
jewelry piece. My next favs are the vintage pearl and drop gold CC’s much
like yours, it was hard to tell in the video but looked like mine, I love
them, are they the one’s I’m thinking? Anyway, they are lovely and enjoy
your new GST, it is beautiful!

TheLuxeBabe says:

Gorgeous!! Love your GST!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend xoxo LB

PaulaJ C says:

It’s a gorgeous bag, and suits you so well. You described it wonderfully.

Nbcn says:

Amazing bag my dear! Love it in caviar leather, it’s precious! And the ghd
is perfect! There you have a beautiful long lasting Chanel. Love all the
shopping bags you got on your bed, looking forward to watching more from u!
And oh I’m so happy Sandie and you are finally together! Did she have a
good time at the spa? Lots of love to you both! xoxo

Nathalie TheBeautyDiva says:

Hello my beautiful Glamour Queen, that is an absolutely gorgeous bag, I
must tell you that the GST is my favourite Chanel bag. Thank you so much
for sharing. You look so elegantly beautiful today. I hope you have a
fabulous weekend!!!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo

TeriGigi says:

Love the bag Glenda! It looks beautiful on you! Thanks for sharing.

Nettie Ward says:

Glenda great review of a great bag, you will love it. I use mine for work
& travel all the time and find that it hold an amazing amount!!! FYI you
are such a tease…. we want to see what is in all those other bags ;D.
Love you lady xoxox

Annie W says:

Beautiful bag Glenda, so happy you got it in this combination! While you
were there, did you hear any rumour that Chanel will be discontinuing the
GST, my SA has been telling me it’s going to happen…

MSpanders10 says:

What a beautiful bag, the GST is gorgeous. Love your fur baby too. :-)

BmwA5H says:

Really stunning! Cannot wait for the rest of the shopping haul. I’ve been
keeping up with your Paris Vlogs and have been loving them x

Ava C. says:

Nice to meet you meet you 🙂 really enjoyed your upload..beautiful bag.
glad to hear that they are bringing back the pst…

pursejunky says:

wow..love all the packaging at the background… love GST… congrats on
your new baby.. can’t wait for your other unboxing

Laura Greenfield says:

Congrats on the GST! So lovely. Enjoy!

Tasari says:

Congrats on your gst love the packaging is everything love all the Chanel

Abbey Mugroso says:

Gorgeous handbag 🙂 an Sandy is adorable.
Happy New Year 2015

Viky Masela says:

Great video as it was expected!!!!! And this view of your bedroom with all
chanel boxes is just a paradise!!!! The GST is a wonderful bag and very
practical too…Welcome home!!!! (Big hug to Sandie!!) Xoxoxo

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

Well I normally have blue eyes but now they are green lol. All those
wonderful bags just waiting to be opened, please open more soon lol. x

Blanca Duarte says:

Great video Glenda!!! I love watching you. I am hoping to get a gst in the
near future. Such a beautiful bag

Becky L says:

Beautiful bag! Congrats and enjoy!

Emie Ohashi says:

Wow this is what i waited your unboxing Glenda so gorgeous bag love it

xXxXxCGPBxXxXx says:

My FAVE!!!

y r says:

love the bag , love the vid , xxxxx for u and sandy

PaintMeCrystal says:

Hello Glenda I am 5 feet tall would it be fine for me to wear? How tall are

LuxeAddiction says:

Love, Love, Love, this bag! 

AmyMirandaMakeup says:

Beautiful bag, enjoy. Are you sure you are not a chanel rep? :0)))))) Love
your style! 

Fauxdsgn Studio says:

Glenda, beautiful as always, I enjoy your videos, so relaxing and
entertaining….waiting for mooooore 😀

Bálint Kaltenecker says:

beautiful haul Glenda! Love you! <3

Joan deeren says:

Looks great on you! Enjoy!

Peter Lyons says:

Hi Glenda Glamour! You take my breath each time…fabulous styling in this
vid – and an even fab-er bag! Love your choice in purchases. Excited to see
more of your Vlog (and more unboxings!) xo

Lynnette Bradley says:

Congrats….gorgeous bag all the way from Paris. Thanks for sharing

Rachiella says:

Hi Glenda! I am so happy for you darling! The GST is a beautiful bag and it
is amazing that she came from Paris! Xxx

mdfashiongirl says:

I’m so excited to see all of the wonderful things you picked up on your
shopping tour. The GST is next on my list! I’m pacing myself I received the
LV Metis hobo for Xmas from my sweet darling. I appreciate the time you
take to reply to all of my comments. I am going to look for the documentary
that you suggested this weekend when I have some free time! I can’t wait to
see all of your Paris treasures! -Tracy

kelli loves3 says:

I can never get tired of watching Chanel handbag videos! Your videos
especially make me smile! I love you new gst, it’s gorgeous! Glenda, you
are just so glamorous!! I wish I was half as glamorous as you!!

indraglam44 says:

The bag is very beautiful, it suits you very much. I’m sure you will enjoy
it for a very long time.

disi_nguyen says:

Love love love

souma023 says:

Congrats on the bag Glenda!!!! I’m on wait list for the past 4 months for
the same one but SHW. Who told you that the PST is back???

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