Unboxing an Hermès Steve Bag

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Hello youtubers! Here is the unboxing of my holy grail of designer bags: the Steve messenger bag, in taurillon clemence calfskin, which is a pebbled leather. The outside color is étoupe. This leather is so souple! The lining is in “gris perle” (pearl gray) Mysore goatskin. Three sizes exist for this particular messenger bag: the 28 centimeters, which is the Steve “Caporal”, the 35 centimeters, which is the most popular size and fits most people (this is the size that I have), and finally the 38 centimeters, which suits well taller people. The inside has three compartments and a zipper pocket. I bought this bag at the Hermes boutique on Sèvres Street in Paris. I was very lucky to get one, because I was told by Hermes employees that this bag is as hard to find as a Kelly handbag! Thanks for watching!

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IlikeAlotOfThings says:

Beautiful :)

dee are says:

Brand name slut!!!

linktheelf says:

Looking so metro manly mmmm i have a bag and its a fossil is decaint and it will last me a goo bit but your bag the herms steve its an exclent choice just like the fossil bag

Of Birkins and Men says:

such a beauty :)

Daniel Hammond says:

A very beautiful bag indeed. And I like the colour. A quiet shade, so what you can wear it with remains quite open. Stunning.

ЛУЧ Boxing says:

Hi LOUISVfan77,

Could you show me some photos how it looks on you

Verne Bang says:

It's very beautiful, thank you for sharing! ;–)

TheSanarossOne says:

J'aime beaucoup ce sac ! Je vais faire un tour pour voir tout ce que tu as pu mettre en avant en terme de sac pour hommes (assez rare de trouver des vidéos de ce type)

Tu vas faire une vidéo pour les accessoires ? 

Porsche Carrera says:

That's like a man's Birkin 🙂 You know LV actually have a similar messenger bag that's made in taurillon as well.

Jonny lizaola says:

I saw your profile the fact that you like Celine dion made me a subscriber. 

BmwA5H says:

Love the taupe colour! 

LOUISVfan77 says:

Thank you so much!

Thai Pham says:

Hi, i saw your story on tpf and it was really cool. Congrats on your new Steve 🙂

LOUISVfan77 says:

Thanks Mary!

LOUISVfan77 says:

Thanks! You have to set the quality yourself at 1080p.

LOUISVfan77 says:

Thanks for watching!

LOUISVfan77 says:

Thanks! I really think that my items speak by themselves and do not need any comment!

LOUISVfan77 says:

Thank you Trina! xxx

LOUISVfan77 says:

What do you mean? An authentic Steve bag has a goatskin leather interior, it is not simple fabric. If your Steve bags aren't lined in goatskin (the french name is Chevre Mysore) and have a raw interior, they are undoubtedly fake. Mine is real because it has a goatskin interior, like all real Hermes Steve bags. Birkins and Kellys are also lined in goatskin.

Brian Morisky says:

Um, I have two – one from store in Tokyo (Ginza) and one from SFO. Like all genuine Hermès, neither is lined, easiest way to spot a replica. Hermès would never dream of lining their leather goods as they are so proud of the craftsmanship.

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