Unboxing an Hermès Belt #2

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Hi everyone! I just came back from Paris where I bought this awesome Hermes reversible belt! One side is white swift leather and the other is natural chamonix leather with white contrasting stitching. The buckle that I chose is the Collier de Chien (CDC) in silver palladium. This belt was purchased at the Hermes flagship store in Paris (24, Faubourg St-Honoré Street). I hope you like it as I do! Thanks!

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LOUISVfan77 says:

Thanks Trina! xxx

LOUISVfan77 says:

Hermes is clearly better, and by far. Every H belt is totally handstiched, while LV uses a lot of sewing machines. Also, the H belt is more comfortable and souple than the LV one: Hermes only uses 100% leather while LV uses one side calfskin, one side canvas (it's plastic, let's face it!). But don't me wrong: LV craftmanship is incredible and produces high quality belts, but Hermes quality is just out of this world!

cmcollection says:

How does the quality of the Hermes belts compare to the Louis Vuitton Belts?

chuckbassification says:

I have the shiny and don't mind that it gets a little marked over time… if anything, I prefer it! It shows that it's worn. I hope you enjoy your new belt!

chuckbassification says:

Lovely belt, but I prefer the buckles in the style of mine

LOUISVfan77 says:

Thanks for all your good comments on my videos! I appreciate!

Blake DaBombLife says:

Very nice belt!

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