Ulyana Sergeenko | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 Full Show | Exclusive

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Ulyana Sergeenko | Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018/2019 by Ulyana Sergeenko | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – Paris/France)

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TheReturnofStephan1 says:

Poor, bland copies of the real thing.

Edu T. says:

essa parou no tempo. roupas para idosas.

peachy says:

Ugh this woman owns my heart

Nik Joy says:

Back to USSR😂😂😂. Мода для жён совдепа

PatisserieBoy says:

Ulyana has never claimed to be avant garde….she's never claimed to be conceptual. She just makes "accessible" luxury for those who can access it. She appeals to someone who wants to be forward but yearns for a bygone era. There's always a clear "vintage" vibe in Ulyana's collections, but she excels at modernizing that aesthetic….something surprisingly difficult to achieve for so many designers. Here she used proportion to her advantage, exaggerating widths and lengths, almost harkening back to that moment in the 80's where the 40's informed women on how to be powerful and impactful using fashion. That's an enduring story for many women who have fought to succeed in a male-dominated field. Is that Ulyana's story? I'm not convinced, but she makes a good case here. In the end, not my favorite collection, but her abiding hallmark, for me….is that her clothes always expensive. That's really important when couture is involved.

Paresh Ghole says:

loved fashion show very sexy n hot models loved them.

Снежана Уилсон says:

красиво и изысканно !….

ベイリーケネディ says:

Rip Jahseh ❤️ I'm so happy that they played moonlight

Ingrid Holmberg says:

Love it! There's a reason timeless is timeless.

OnWingsOfHope says:

Ulyana’s creations has improved by leaps & bounds. Ensembles designed by a woman of sublime tastes for like-minded individuals. Bravo💐

Seyit Rudern says:

So boring. There is not one look that's captivating enough to intrigue anyone. Aside from the nice diverse model collection there is nothing special.

Jean-Pierre Hrubant says:

Does somebody know who did the music? It's pretty amazing!

April K says:

So so beautiful !!!!

Thalia Lekkakou says:

Ma ena lepto exete poli oraia mousiki apo to meson kai meta …diladi ean den eimastan parexigimenoi tha sas egrafa kathos, i poiotita sas einai kati to opoio katagetai"apo tin kardia mou …

H alli de katalaveno ti mou leei sto tragoudi
Katalaveno omos ta violia …:/

Thalia Lekkakou says:

H proti oneiro…

Наташа Рогалова says:

хорошее чувство ткани,юбки удачные,нет закончености модели,индивидуальности,маленького штриха от автора.отсутствие динамики и музыки напрягает.неоднородно.но потенциал есть.

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