Two Mothers International Trailer #1 (2013) – Naomi Watts Movie HD

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Two Mothers International Trailer #1 (2013) – Naomi Watts Movie HD

A pair of childhood friends and neighbors fall for each other’s sons.

“Anne Fontaine” “doris lessing” “christopher hampton” “australian girls” “Naomi Watts” “Robin Wright” “xavier samuel”

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vanthursday says:

This needs to have a hentai adaptation… XD

carleighslife101 02 says:

This movie was shit tbhhhh , I liked it tho

Android says:

The true meaning of what MILF stands for.

Jordana Glez says:

Nice movie!

John Nguyen says:

thought this movie was called adore

Lyzabeth M. says:

Who knows what's the music from 1:21?

Lucia Olivieri says:

they are best friends…one is a widow, the other has a boring marriage…they both fall in love with the son of the friend…creepy..but the movie is good…

deb0wke says:

Great movie! Watch it at, only the title there is not two mothers but adore 🙂

liu travis says:

how about remake this movie right away
casting Mary Louise Parker and Sofia Vergara
Oh man

紡蓮魅歌 says:

It's for the cougar trend. This is really a porno for cougar women.

Rebecca Lambert says:

so the mothers are best friends and then they fuck each others sons. They'll make anything into a film.

İbrahim Oğuzcan says:


İbrahim Oğuzcan says:


Jabroniville says:

Lady Giantnipples and Princess Buttercup as MILFs? FUCK, am I there!

GeraldineVeronica says:

i thought the same thing lol

Sal D'Souza says:

Each other's son.

Jasper Barulo says:

Those boys are gorgeous!

sphinx onyx says:

So confusing that Robin Wright looks just like Naomi's son. It looks like 2 guys doing it..

lenatea says:

Omg I want the songs in this trailer. If anyone know what there are please let me know. :]

velafarD says:

each other's son

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