TUTORIAL: Chanel Summer 2014 Reflets d’Été + Review

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PLEASE ‘LIKE’ and EXPAND! The tutorial begins @ 7:40 ♡ Photos + Swatches of products here: http://bit.ly/1ogXjGI Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundatio…

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shamzmakeupartistry says:

Rae would you recommend mirage for deeper skintone

Irene says:

after reviewing all the summer collection items, can you go over some bb
cushion trending now in asia??

RAEview says:

I hope you’ll enjoy this review and tutorial video featuring pieces from
Chanel’s Summer 2014 collection, as well as individual launches like the
Velvet foundation and new Les Beiges bronzer! The tutorial begins at 7:40
for those who would rather skip the review portion.. Please refer to
http://www.TheRAEviewer.com for more product details and photos! ♡ P.S. My epic
luxe giveaway ends tomorrow! Enter now for a chance to win a dreamy prize
full of Dior, Chanel, Shu Uemura, and YSL!

Beautyosaurus Lex says:

Pink Tonic is SO beautiful! Lovely review 🙂 

Saki the instigater says:

Rae I’ve been having trouble finding a foundation that gives a natural
finish and has light to medium coverage. I have dry skin. Usually the
shades do not work out for me 🙁
Any help?

Kay Bee says:

out of the whole collect, that blushh though. GIRL, it looks fabulous on
you. SOLD.

Falany says:

How do you apply the foundation, with a brush or just with your fingers?
I’m not very skilled with a foundation brush so I tend to look caky when I
use it..

choomkcee says:

Gorgeous as always!;) 

Yoja says:

Very beautiful job :)

Melissa huang says:

Would the Chanel velvet lumiere foundation be better for indoor flash
photography or the GA luminous silk? Gorgeous eye makeup btw Rae!!

corineashley07 says:

Rae, I apologize if this has been answered before but what is your
favourite eyeliner for the waterline? I’ve used Urban Decay 24/7 and Mac in
Perversion but they both smudge. 

Sophie Lee says:

please do a tutorial on how to make cheeks look fuller. your cheeks make
your face cute and young! 

Bangbangrocks says:

Rae the collection looks really good on you I think I would like to try the
eye liner, bronzer and lip gloss thank you for the review and tutorial!!

Tracybaby1986 says:

looking gorgeous as usual Rae! what would you recommend for a matte black
liquid eyeliner (for veryyy oily eyelid)? i’ve been using lancome artliner
forever but looking for a matte alternative. thanks so much!! 

Jillian Blanco says:

Thank you for the heads up on the “She Wolf” palette– it arrived yesterday
and I love it!

petrojuli says:

I cannot believe that after contemplating for years I finally bought Mat
Lumiere, became my HG foundation, and now it’s getting discontinued… :-(

Susie Antoinette says:

Absolutely loving the mirage eyeshadow! Unfortunately I can’t comment on
the foundation because it mysteriously disappeared from my luggage on the
way home 🙁 definitely will repurchase it though! 

Angela Lee says:

i always notice the flowers in the background! haha. always so pretty

damblondy says:

Oops got excited and asked that question before we got to your tutorial! 

lizzieaphi says:

Glad you also like the bronzer! I picked it up a few weeks back and was
hoping to hear your input. I agree it’s velvety smooth and light and
provides such a beautiful glow. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of (which
I mentioned in my blog post about it) is the perfumey scent, but it’s
definitely not a deal breaker! I also literally just bought the Diorblush
Cannage (Saks exclusive in the US, Holt Renfrew exclusive up here in
Canada!) but in the coral colour since I’m a little darker. It’s so nice to
look at! Can’t wait to pair it with my Chanel bronzer ;)

ronalyn silva says:

Rae ,ilove your make..:)

minniemadonmakeup says:

You look so pretty Rae your so informative and professional I really enjoy
watching your videos! The summer collection came out today in the UK and I
had already told them to put aside new moon. I did purchase it but I think
I’m going to go back and get the mirage :)

Tina Nguyen says:

Can u do a review and tutorial for Smashbox Full Explosure please….?? I
really want to buy it, but I don’t which one is better? Smashbox or Lorac
Pro pallets?? Can u compare them two? Thanks

JJChangju says:

Lovely makeup look

Vivadiva Sarinya says:

I’d love to try this new foundation but since the Vital Lumiere no.20 is
not available in Rome (or even all around Italy) so I’m not sure that I can
find this shade here 🙁 Or maybe I’ll try with no.30 which is perfect for
my skin in and after summer. Thank you for your video, very useful and
you’re always gorgeous! 

natties72 says:

Hey babe what was the matte Shu eyeshadow u used at the beginning?

electrikheart13 says:

love the look! so pretty

Christine QU says:

hey rae, how would you compare that velvet foundation to perfection

cultelove1 says:

les beiges 3 stripes is a total nono….over hyped and over prized…waited
long long time for it as a chanel lover….got it first day of its release
and ran back very next day to nordstorm to return it…though I find the
liquid one is much better….!!

Phuong Hoang says:

love your review

Mabel C says:

I love your look in this video! The hair and makeup look so good (: I
really want to try Chanel Illusion D’Ombre, but it’s pretty pricey.
I’ve been watching your videos since you started and am a big fan! (lurker,
haha). What kind of lighting do you use for your setup? 

iBudrow says:

I think mirage is not limited ? No need to hurry and buy it. :p in your
experience , do those illusion d’ombres dry out fast?

JouerCosmetics says:

So glad you’re loving our primers Rachel!! Thank you dear #JouerGirl! xo 

Rezvan Ugalde says:

I love everything from the collection that you are wearing and I picked up
almost everything only pink tonic from the polishes… I noticed my happy
glossimer looks much more pink than yours, could yours be hello?.. I know
odd question, just wondering, and it all looks amazing on you!

swissanh1 says:

Thank you as ever for a comprehensive review. And the makeup look looks
fabulous on you! 

Emily Magluyan says:

I really like your teeth :)

bomshell30 says:

I love them all great video!

Trang Phương says:

I keep looking at your lips while u’r talkin’ since they’re just too cute.

Haydee Ruiz says:

I was expecting this video so much!! It’s amaizing! I recently bought the
Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation, the eye-liner and the sweet lilac
nailpolish and I’m in love!! I’ll buy the blush, the bronzer and the
eyeshadow for doing my makeup as you do in this video!!! Thank u!!! 

Bebe R says:

Love your purchases…and a lovely video..

karen carrillo says:

You seem so well put together! 🙂 

savvy9 says:

I love the foundation. It does a great job hiding some of my texture

Cap Armstrong says:

I have procrastinated on commenting – and now finally… I love the cle de
peau brow and will not use anything other now. My runner up is kevin
aucoin’s … But I will do all I can to insure I have a CDP backup! I
really enjoy your reviews – keep them coming!! I have got to learn how to
wing my liner and apply lashes!

Zhou Xiaojing says:

Pretty everyday look! Can you tell us how you clean your beauty blender and

mwytom says:

Tutorial on les beiges no2 bronzed please!! Thank you

Sk25497 says:

love that blush! great tutorial – always look forward to your

damblondy says:

Great video! Do you have the stylo or the mirage underneath your eyes?
Would love to know as it looks super beautiful! ;)

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