TUTORIAL: Chanel Holiday 2013 Nuit Infinie Review

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caty2ful says:

So beautiful the look and I love your sweater!

Casey Kuhlow says:

im so obsessed with your videos! <3 

BehonestBeauty says:

I like this natural hair color on you, it’s much more flattering than

SheShopsMakeup says:

You look so amazing in red lipstick 😉 I find Accent very shimmery when
swatched.. Is it shimmery when applied to the cheeks?

Pb Pink says:

you look stunning!!! 

supernuriko says:

You totally sold me on the cream shadow. I was still debating it after I
got a sample. But now there’s also 10%off cosmetics at Nordstrom… Haha!
You’re reviews are always spot on! 

strawberrybath says:

Darn, I decided to get one of the Mac holiday blush similar to Accent
instead of Accent! 😛 I gave up on the palette they were sold out around me
and decided to not go further in my search. I still kinda regret it hehe…
Always great reviews <3

Paris Violeta says:


StayCalmDrinkTea says:

Your reviews are always so helpfull to me ! I can totally rely on your
opinions, especialy for the lipsticks because my lips are also sensible and
get dry very quickly and easily.
Thanks again for all the great work and time you put into making these
videos and reviewing all the products ! :)

Marina Lambiris says:

You are gorgeous

Yan Luo says:

hi Rae , which holiday collections do you plan to cover this year? Thanks
for the wonderful review on this one as always XD

EllieOKP says:

This look is so beautiful on you!

Angel Rose says:

Just added some items to my Christmas list after this video +RAEview both
lipsticks looks amazing on you…perfect sweater to wear with the look you
have going on. Btw you are so right about Accent; on me it adds some warmth
to my cheeks with a bit of shimmer….I just love it on me

Detective Ena says:

I love this look! One of my favs

hollymeeae says:

I love everything. I just wish it had been posted before Accent got sold
out everywhere!

Abby Li says:

Hi!! You should pronounce it as qin not quin.. It is a silent “u”..

S LOR says:

Does the Initiation crease? & what kind of eye liner would you recommend
for someone with eye allergies? Btw, you look amazing in this video even
with just the base makeup on! :D

Joy Jeon says:

I’ve been waiting for this video! Love the review!

Bit Byte says:

i like your raeviews <3

ClassBGlass says:

I love your makeup look with the chanel charming palette! I’m going to have
to try this. I love my charming palette, one of my favorite chanel buys
because of the beautiful, pigmented (but yet powdery) Chanel product!

Brandee Fernandez says:

I like how you explain everything & how you tell how it all works for your
skin specifically. Because not everyone’s skin is the same. I like your
reviews ^.^ 

Girlyglo says:

wow, you look so beautiful. Queen of red.

NvrSettle says:

I have oily lids and I put the Charming shadows on without primer and they
lasted all day. The quality is amazing. 

Geniegoh says:

So excited to watch your reviews everytime.

Marya says:

You are absolutely beautiful and incredibly talented. It’s truly a pleasure
to watch your videos and learn from you. I would love to hear more
foundation reviews if you get the chance. Since your last foundation video,
so many new releases have come out, such as the Shu Uemera light bulb,
Suqqu cream, Kanebo Sensai CP, etc.

SJ Sellers says:

Love this! Great tutorial. Thank you for great vid. :-)

Barbara Kang says:

your base face is so nice the eyebrows are amazing and i just loved the

Vrinda Kanchan says:

I just got Chanel’s Spring 2014 eye shadow quad, called Quadrille. It goes
with my skin and eye color perfectly! It was the last one in the entire

loha54 says:

you look really beautiful with this look. classy and simple. great tutorial

Magr G says:

Rae I love all your looks. You have a chameleon way of making changes in
your style and makeup application that keeps subscribers like me yearning
to see your following videos. Can’t say enough thanks to you. Is there a
major difference in Chanel’s various foundations? Could you compare the
aqua lumiere, mat lumiere, perfection lumiere, lift lumiere and double
perfection powder foundation? Sorry if the spelling is not corrrect. 

juan jose alepaujai says:

Hi where did you buy the earrings? thank you

Jennifer Chang says:

So what would you say is the best lipstick brand for a very dry easily
chipped lips but likes it Matt color? (MAC lipsticks are too dry for me)

Diane Marie says:

I watch all of your videos. You are classy and have etiquette. You have
supreme knowledge of all the high-end make-up that I love to use and hear
about. You are a triple-threat… would you ever think about developing
your own line like Michelle Phan. I think because you lean towards high-end
make-up your line would be such a success!

lele.vlogs says:

That blush IS gorgeous. Just tried to go out & get it, but SOLD OUT at all
the places I looked at. 🙁 Great review as always. 

Yuxing Chen says:

definitely my favorite look from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! probably the favorite
look among all the tutorials I’ve watched on Youtube!!! gonna try this look
right away!!!!! this look suits you so well and you look sooooo

Muylinda33 says:

I love it.

Kelly Pitre says:

Wow, really impressed by your reviews, I love how you go really into
detail! Just subscribed :)

vivisaurus1 says:

can you please tell me what model are your chanel earrings? they’re

jhoheart74 says:

will you also feature the dior holiday collection?

Belinda Lihaug says:

your brows look so good!

Vicky Lai says:

gorgeous lip color!!!

soo yeon Lee says:

As always,
thanks for great review and tutorial !
You are so lovely :)

marie Ledezma says:

Hope you review the spring collection!!! 

Yvonne Wang says:

is Chanel’s blush accent a limited edition for winter 13 collection? it is
sold out in all the major department stores.

gloria chung says:

gorgeous!!!!!!!!! <3

ashley lynn says:


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