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TRY ON THRIFT HAUL SUMMER 2018 | Welcome back to another try on thrift haul! Many ’90s fashion thrift store finds! Hope you like it 🙂




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aimee.k makeup says:

You must be a thrifting queen because I never find anything this awesome when I go hunting!! The polka dot top and the safari vest were definitely my favorites! 😍

Samira N says:

Great job !!

Jessica M. says:

wow nice channel! you are so pretty I love your hair😊🤗

Ela Mason says:

Nice outfits 👍🏻 Like 48 , good video 😊

A Woman's Life says:

Γλυκιά μου Ράνια τέλεια τα ρούχα!!Μου άρεσε παρά πολύ το μπλέ τόπ!!!Πολλά φιλιά!!!

Mariah says:

Your so pretty! I love all the clothes! I would love to support each other ❤️

The Busy Mom says:

Great haul video !!
I enjoyed it 😊
Thanks for sharing 👍🏻
New subscriber here 🙋🏻‍♀️
Let’s support each other ♥️♥️

Usfoods72 says:

45th Like 🙂 Sub to my channel Rania… Fab.

Zeena's Kitchen says:

Superb collections.Pls stay connected always

EleanorBuzz says:

Love your videos and your style!! xx

Danielle’s Tube says:

Great haul Hun some beautiful items ❤️

Daniela Aguirre says:

Loved this video, and your hair is so pretty!

1tsmariaa says:

I came across your channel soo randomly and im shockeddd ! I'm Greek too and I do videos in English so it was really surprising when I randomly saw a Greek name hahah!
Keep up the hard work love <3 xx you are doing amazing

Angela Sasaki says:

Looking STUNNING as always and I LOVE the necklace you are wearing. It is so beautiful! 🙂 And your style is always amazing as well! <3

xofancy says:

I need to try thrifting. That polka dot blouse looks sooo nice the way you styled it!

SMD Lifestyle says:

You're so gorgeous 😘! Love you❤️ in all videos and wish the video was longer with more amazing contents 💋 God bless you 💪

Stiel Serious says:

I love how that blue and white polka dot top looks on you <3 and I am in love with your hair xoxo

lattesdarling says:

oH MYYYY, the second black top is STUNNING!

Katie King says:

great try on haul gorgeous! xoxo thumbs up ♡

Julia Sachs says:

love all of these!

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