Tribute to Yves Saint Laurent

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Yves Saint Laurent (August 1, 1936 — June 1, 2008) was a French pied noir fashion designer, and is considered ‘one of the greatest figures in French fashion…

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Alexis Apostolidis says:

mon chanson prefere avec mon couturier prefere <3 c'est parfait

ZauberhaftesGift says:

It hurts to see videos like this one. I miss him so much..

WhatIsYourOpium says:

Continue Yves St. Laurent’s legacy. Check out the relaunching of YSL Opium here:

dayelise0102 says:

alguem sabe o nome desta musica?por favor

milkykungnaja says:

Thanks for the clip.

I’m sure Yves will be missed.

therawtalent gabriel says:

Wikipedia :
Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint-Laurent Known as Yves St Laurent(1 august 1936 - 1 june 2008 ) was an Algerian born French fashion designer. born
Born: Oran Algeria
Died:Paris, France

bouzinem2 says:

I only wish to be a quarter as decent as you were, are, and will always be, Yves, the world will miss your designs and clothing greatly, I was once introduced to you by my french mother and moroccan father, I only wish to go to les champs elysees, and open a small store there, but only the best are there which is why it wont happen

definitionXbattle says:

my dear mr. saint laurent, what the world is without a master of art and true true beauty…i am in tears 🙁


ChicFashion777 says:

Yes excellent quote ManilaBoy! I haven’t heard this one before. Yves name did shine in so many ways not just at The Champs Elysses. I would like to add you to my friends list please!! Grazie, Tina

MANILABOY6631 says:


hotwok19 says:

It is “Clair de Lune” by french composer Claude Debussy.

idontpay says:

does anyone know who made this piece of music

Hayley Marie says:

r.i.p ysl

ChicFashion777 says:

I LOVE YOU YVES!!!! A thousand hearts your way !!! Everytime I wear my YSL Babydoll parfum I think of you. To a man with everlasting class, elegance, sophistication and style.

ChicFashion777 says:

Yes I love YSL as a Fashion Designer very much. I miss him even though I never had the opportunity or privilege to have met him. When I think of you dear Yves I think of hearts and roses.

Tearfully, Tina M.

morrisonisalive says:

makes me sad, he was the best :-<

Sakiera423 says:

I first heard about Yves Saint Laurent in my 9th Grade French class. I chose to do a project on French Fashion and fell completely in love with his designs and have been smitten every since.

derectivo2000 says:

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Chiara larouge says:

Un mito. un maestro di stile. il migliore. <3

alexia513 says:

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lumakid says:

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mor wan says:

He is the pride of French people. He is France. Oh how I envy him, a glorious lifelong career…… R.I.P

splinky45 says:

He was 71, and had fought brain cancer for 10 years

lumakid says:

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I bet his clothing is extremely expensive

kfiatkarulez says:

What an amazing man. He had this inborn elegance to know how to create artwork and stay modest. God knows I wish I had known him…!

EMS1001 says:

What a legend!!

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