Traveling to L.A with Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

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» Hi stranger friends! I hope you’ve been fantastic since I last saw you- I’ve been a busy bee…

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to Los Angeles with the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté team- I had a blast doing all the activities they had planned and I hope you enjoy following my adventures 🙂

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Erin Kendall says:

Loved your grandpa pants! Your style in general is just amazing(: I'm sure someone has asked below and you may have answered before but is there a specific meaning behind your tattoo? Or a specific reason you got it?

Love you and your vlogs ❤️????

C Hernandez says:

I always feel overwhelmed when you thank us for watching <3. I hope to meet you one day to give you a hug!! Love you karissa !!

Kaylee Peterson says:

Karissa! You're such a cool gal, thanks for uploading so we can watch. PS good luck with all your commitments this month, you got this!

Sarah Villastrigo says:

Loved the grandpa pants!! They looked sooo comfy!

Melissa Jeske says:

The way you express gratitude is inspiring. I am working on my practice of gratitude and want to thank you for showing how it's done :)

Silke Bossier says:

You deserve 100% of it !!! xxx

Rute Silva says:

Love your vlogs babe!! 🙂 I can't find the name of the song on the 11:45 m 🙁 Anyone know? Lots of love from Portugal <3

Amanda Mosen says:

love your vlogs your energy and just you as a Person your so genuine and humble, i only started watching you a month or so ago but you are by far my favorite youtuber & iv watch most of your vlogs haha ! Thank you for being you and inspiring me . I love all your content?

StaceysAdventures says:

loved this video so much! watched the whole thing then wanted it to keep going haha!

love from australia <3

Staci Edwards says:

Girl look after yourself xx

rabbitandrobin says:

Your awesome! Xoxo Robin

Nicole Vertefeuille says:

I'm also Canadian myself , I wish I was more fluent in French ! Super envious of people knowing more than just one language. However very grateful knowing English ☺️

ezra smith says:

yeas for pedicures

Lisa Broadley says:

Curious…do you have to let brands know you're doing something with another brand…example ysl than NYX?? Great outfits you wore.

Jeanette Schaeche says:

I loved the shot you did of your reflection in your sunnies. That just looked amazing. I was just casually watching and enjoying your videos like I always do and then I saw that and was like "omg that was so pretty!" Haha I'm glad you had an amazing trip – it looked like you had so much fun on your Snapchat, and I'm happy you could share it with all of us ☺

kristin terry says:

Where is that white holey shirt from? Sooo cute!!

Arlene Alvarez says:

where did u buy ur leather jacket from?

Francesca Silla says:

What's the name of the song that played at 12:42?

OurFavouriteShow says:

Loving the new tattoo so cute xx

Mark Chapman says:

Nice video Karissa I'm going to LA in 3 months,I've heard its not that good but I'll still check it out.A 15 hour flight from Melbourne not looking forward to that.

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