Trailer of the Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art CHANEL show

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View the full show on The Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art show took place on December 10th at Dallas Fair Park. Soundtrack: Artist: Dino…

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jehan vazifdar says:

preferred the paris-bombahy collection to this one but its still amazing
and i love chanel and karl <3

WildDoveX says:

One of my favorite fashion shows ever. Love the clothes, the lines, the
hair, the hats, the shoes

zincink says:

inspiring and fresh – proud to see your work 

Kimberly Solko says:

Incredible collection and wonderful presentation…well done.

Misbah Abualrub says:

I liked seeing them all together at the end

ElizabethsFashion says:

Genius like always

lovemefool says:

Lovely detailing 


where´s Cara Delevigne??

Jasmine Reed says:

That was incredible.

Madeleine Chodyra says:

Trailer of the Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art @CHANEL show

TheJasmineee says:

I’d hate to be “little miss politically correct” but I feel like the
wearing of the indian headdress here is inappropriate and offensive… I know
Karl is playing with a theme, the clothes are mostly beautiful but could
easily be taken the wrong way.

Amber Li says:

one of my favs

SohoChic5 says:

I’ve never been disappointed in a Chanel. Chic!

minomorettihairmedia2 says:

Da minomoretti moda.

mino moretti says:

Da minomoretti moda.

João Valério Jacinto says:

Excelente ! …


Inspiré de la culture africaine

Yn. nagaoka says:

Trailer of the Paris-Dallas 2013/14 Métiers d’Art CHANEL show

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