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Shot by: Timothy Shiiba
Edited by: Aser Santos

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Steve Vasquez says:

where's a cheap place for the long tees?

Robert Garcia says:

PSG IZ LIFE. ??cuz of that PSG jersey ????

Ka-Santa Bob says:

Nice jersey !

Jaden Joyce says:

yo I got a pair of ultra boosts for $65 at a finish line

Ethan Lei says:

info on hm pants?

David H says:

What about the pinroll?

Enlightz says:

Hey what is a good show to start a sneaker collection

marcushorhoruw says:

Anybody know how I get those hm pants???

erik123237 says:

stop doing that thing with your arms for fucks sake

Jason Ly says:

cool man!! shout out for VIET

kyle broflovski says:

i just subscribed, comedy and info to be fresh to death good vid man

zach cheroke says:

I love your vids

Khang Truong says:

How much is your Adidas 350 Yeezy?

MeesterSun says:

Richie what size of iloveugly do you wear and how tall are you?

Carson Maynard says:

Does anyone who how he makes his voice high pitched?

Jayden Becker says:

When you go to a catholic school and have to wear a uniform ?

Andy Garcia says:

Love your PSG jersey.

Stephon Joseph says:

Paris est magique !!!

Philip Firth says:

Stan Smiths never really go out of style. I've got the leather ones which were a European release from about 2 years ago. You can't go wrong with them, they go with everything .The premium leather Stans are much better quality than the GR (general release) ones you find in Footlocker, and several designers have starting doing collabs, so look out for those. I've always been a big fan of Superstars/shell toes. Go for the Superstar 80s though, they're a better shape. I prefer the white with black stripes (think run DMC) the new Bape/undefeated ones aren't really my style, but they're pretty dope and affordable.
Striped T shirts are always a good clean luck, however if you're a big guy bear in mind that horizontal stripes will make you look bigger, the opposite of a black shirt for example which is very slimming.

Kaila Verdadero says:

so much love for Richie!!! <3

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