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I recently went through my mum’s and grandma’s vintage closets and did a bit of thrifting there! So today’s video is a bit of a thrift haul/vlog where I show you what I found, only in this case I did my thrifting for free 🙂
If you have the chance to go through your family’s old clothes and stuff, definitely do so! I found so many amazing items I couldn’t believe it!




In this video I’m wearing:

Zara tank top
Weekday Voyage jeans
Vintage belt


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Oh there are so many things that I wish I had from my grandmother now. Ugh allergies suck I always have problems breathing. Ooo the tweed skirt looks very Chanel.

Creative Flower says:

Like 33 Nice 🌻🌻🌻🌻

Denise Oates says:

My daughter is good at shopping my closet. And now that my mom is sick she kind of been giving me some of her clothing. I consider the items that you did not show on did not fit. Your mom first two white outfits (pants suit and 2 piece skirt set) were really a great find and really would look very chic together. Yeah you can wear the tops with jeans but it good to dress up at times. Sooooo you going to mess up a bag that was good as is, it was from Dior and would looked good for Autumn season as a catch all bag. Since you can't sew just take the slip put a belt on it and wear something on top over it. Good video.

Madison Martinez says:

Your videos are amazing! Just subbed and would love if you could do the same 🧡✨

Royal Jewels says:

Love this video & great content just subscribe & hope you check my channel out & support as well 💕

RL Cross says:

Whatever you wear, you always nailed it! Cheers Rania!

tina posts stuff says:

The satin blue dress is so gorgeous!!

Blonde Sugar says:

Loved it 💕

Taneaka Tillman says:

Always a big fan of your style Dear tfs :)XO

Fashion Reflexion says:

Everything looks good on you❤️You found nice things, i like purple jacket

Elena Aspropoulou says:

Κουκλα!!!!!❤❤❤❤τελειο το βιντεο ρανια!!@!

simplyteee says:

Such great finds! You look good in everything!

Simone Soliman says:

this is awesome, love your style! you're so pretty btw…keep up the great content 🙂 I just subscribed to you! i recently made my own youtube channel and would love if we could support each other xx

Blueberry Eyes says:

Very beautiful clothes , nice bag 😍

Gee & Alex says:

loving your style💗

Simply Silent says:

Beautiful style! Love it. Tfs


Awesome video! Thank you for Sharing! 💗

Melina Guillen says:

They are all nice, but the purple/blue coat looks so comfy !!!💕💕💕💕

thaliad says:

γεια σου

April Islas says:


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