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Hi everyone! Today’s video is a guide to the Chanel Classic Flap. This is a long one so I’ve listed the different sections below in case you want to skip to a specific section.

Chanel Guide Blog Post:

Background: 2:00
Sizes: 3:52
What fits inside each bag: 8:25
Materials and Wear and Tear/ Durability: 12:41
Colours and Hardware: 18:37
Availability: 22:22
Modeling Shots: 25:48

5 Year Review of the Chanel Jumbo:

Comparison Video between Square and Rectangle Mini:


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Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. Occasionally companies will gift me items however this will not affect my opinion if and when I do review said item. I will always mark reviewed items if it/they have been gifted. That said, the vast majority of items are bought with my own money. Some of the links used are affiliated. All paid-for content will be clearly stated.


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Happy Carlsons says:

Great review… Never thought about the lamb skin by year. Love my bag 😉 🎬

Sofia Figueroa-Salas says:

Great video! Awesome work. Thank you!

HugsNKisses says:

this is so informational! thank yo so much for putting in the hard work, it's greatly appreciated!

Kelly De Kesel says:

This is a real help when deciding which bag to buy! I do think they call the seasons act1/act2… because of Coco Chanels history with Igor Stravinsky? xo

vivian guo says:

Hi Amie, I enjoyed your videos!!! You always look so elegant and gorgeous. Right now, I am looking for my first chanel bag. I was thinking about Caviar mini square. However, I saw one vintage mini square online with excellent condition and the price is $2250. How do you think of this deal?

epiklab ambisyosa says:

Hi Amie! I love your Youtube channel! I've been watching for a year now and I must admit I'm addicted! Keep up the good work! I do have a question, if you don't mind, I want to buy a vintage classic flap bag (in any size) but I do want it to be from 1980 specifically. Is there a way to find out what year the bag was released? thanks again for your in depth reviews and videos. I look forward to more!!! Cheers!

TaYa Sunaz says:

I am literally in love with your classiness! Thank you for all of this information!

kate caberte says:

I love the video so much! I want my own Chanel jumbo but I'm so scare of ending up with a fake bag.

Antonio Santana says:

bitch you just slayed my life !!

Jawj says:

Super informative video!
Absolutely fabulous 🤗❤

Your Chanel bags are to die for
If you could only have one which size colour and hardware would you choose?

MsMargie says:

This is a great video. Thank you for taking the time to explain and show what fits in each bag.

Skyler Scott says:

I'm looking into purchasing my first Chanel bag and this was SO helpful! Thank you for the beautiful video! 🙂

Vallauris 22 says:

Sliding and re-adjusting the chain is music to my ears.

prhoductive says:

thank you for this detailed video. I found it very helpful. What is your view point of the patent leather chanel bags?

vanessaxoxo says:

Gabrielle created the turn lock I believe. I have a vintage flap from with the turn lock. 🙂 Great video Amie!

Isabella Somnus says:

I really love the square mini one!!!!!!!!where can I  buy now??!!! I live in Birmingham and I think there is no chanel store here with bags!!!!!

Alba González says:

Hello Amie. I really love your videos. I am thinking to buy my first Chanel. I found a nice Chanel Vintage Classic "Diana" in lambskin, black. I am between that one or a Chanel mini square… what do u recommend? I have not seen any of these in person.

Katherine Cahill says:

Amie, Lovely video! Lots of great details and info. 👏🏼👍🏼💖

I bought my first Chanel bag this year and
I didn't get much maintenance info from my sales associate. How do you prefer to store your Chanel bags? I want to have it out to admire, but I'm worried because it says to store it in the box. Any insight? Also, the reissue chain straps are BEAUTIFUL, but should they be stored inside the bag? I'm afraid keeping them out will dent the bag (but I love looking at them!). A video on storage and amount of usage each bag gets/visible wear would be helpful! 😁🙏🏼 Thanks!! -P.S. I showed my hubby your "boyfriend guesses $ of bags" video and he chuckled. 🤣Great content! 🙌🏼

H A says:

Thanks for all your videos, they're incredible informative xx

H A says:

Hi Amie, do you know if the medium classic come in a single flap?

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