The story of Miss Dior

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Since 1947, Miss Dior is the heart and soul of the House of Dior, a link between the worlds of Parfumerie and Haute Couture. Enter into the world of a fragra…

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babycocoviri says:

Natalie Portman is so stunning

bobduvar says:

Dior…. J’adoooore !

jose parada says:

I like DIOR he has a very exceptional way to see women taste in clothing
and men

cerrane1 says:


Marta Z says:

I love this perfume … so strong and delicate at the same time… so
positive. Makes me wanna smile 🙂

Olivia G says:

“La vie en rose” is originally preformed by Edith Piaf 🙂

Alanna Reynoso says:


svif vain says:

I love her accent.

arsalan portman says:


sjeasley53 says:


Jeannie Najera says:

I love this perfume!

MyLifeAsLouis says:

check out the French version as well! Sounds elegant!

jojo0827 says:

I’m not completely sure, but i do believe its Grace Jone’s rendition of La
Vie en Rose

Yeh Amy says:

“Christian Dior said: made me a fragrance that smell like love” love it!!

Robert Lussier says:


Arthurjule says:

Grace Jones ” la vie en rose “

Cheshire Cat says:

I love the story… Love dior. Natalie portman is beautiful

Elizaveta Voloshinova says:

Perfect ! I love the way how this video made *_*

franzchick66 says:

can’t wait to see the new campaign.

Maggs Sánchez says:

A new essence of life…!!! Loved it!!!

diriah evangelista says:

Muito lindl

Miss Cherry Marie says:

Natalie Portman is just perfect for the Dior concept, I love her!

diriah evangelista says:

Eu quero

Brian Umpierrez says:

What song?

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