The Store That Refused to Sell Oprah a Handbag | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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When Oprah was in Rome with Gayle King and Gayle’s daughter, Kirby, they went shopping for Kirby’s birthday. Hear what happened that led to a first for Oprah. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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The Store That Refused to Sell Oprah a Handbag | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

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G.martin57 Martin says:

And I would have said" hell to the Na Na Na and walked out. Who lowers themselves like that and spend money with those broke sicko's.

TheFuries99 says:

I mean oprah is a billionaire now….jokes on them

CLarcholey says:

Gosh I thought this was going to be her talking about not getting the bag in Switzerland… lol poor Oprah, no bags for you.

hailu roth says:

The only reason I go to store now a days is for my grocery, everything else I buy on line, no more sales people. Now, someone have to find me a way to rent a car with out human contact, those people are very rude.

Angelina Luna says:

That's most most dumbest thing…she should not have even purchased anything from the store!

Yona Hernández says:

I don't believe a word…

Noeline Lee says:

this is so sad. it happened a lot to me. that's why I always have second thoughts about entering these kind of stores

Sir Pudding says:

I dont get it

lovelygeminibren says:

I didn't find it to be amusing but I guess you wanted to make lite of the situation which I don't think was the right move considering most of the audience is caucasian and don't truly understand what a person of color goes through sometimes when entering certain establishments and if they did I assure you they wouldn't be laughing or think it's a situation to make light of

Thommy Bjorn says:

Welcome to Italy, Land of Racist Italian

Brian Hudson says:

Perhaps they could give a toss who you are.

Jolie says:

I thought the incident was with HERMES store?

Olivia Patterson says:

Love her imitation of the Frenchie

RapidRiverr says:

So we're not gonna acknowledge the fact how damn good her Italian accent is

Elle Randazzo says:

I love that Oprah can call these people out. They have no idea who she is and what kind of platform she has until she puts them on blast

TheAdonisja says:

Damn racists!

dominette says:

I was in Geneva Switzerland …same thing happened to me. I was rather offended, I would have absolutely no problem making a purchase, I think the culture is very different. French can be very snobbish especially when it comes to Americans. When I lived in Italy, it wasn't the case. Most Europeans are sympathetic and honor black Americans..and are generally treated much better than white Americans. I think the salesperson does this in order to put on an air of superiority, which on reality is pretty ignorant. You never know who you are dealing with, always be kind.

Tom Tom says:

I don't know why this was in my recommendations. But I think I just became an Oprah fan!

Max Jerome says:

Wow, money really is the root of all evil. We even treat each other different.

SpacePyramid says:

it's Rome. i've been there multiple times and speak italian and they are continuously rude, unaccomodating people. People say the French are rude but Italians in Rome are next level.

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