The Spring-Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Show — CHANEL

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See all the looks from Karl Lagerfeld’s seaside-inspired Spring-Summer 2019 collection, presented at the Grand Palais in Paris.

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— Johnny Jewel : Reach For the Beach (Synthgulls & Ocean) – Courtesy Of Italians Do It Better
– Glass Candy : Naked City – Courtesy Of Italians Do It Better
– Desire : Lately (Instrumental demo) – Courtesy Of Italians Do It Better
– Niagara : L’Amour à La Plage – Courtesy of Universal Music / Universal Music Publishing
– Desire : Tears From Heaven – Courtesy Of Italians Do It Better

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Dr Sab says:

Wow! Breath taking set and so so beautiful outfits…. Love Chanel!

Valle America says:

Tampoco estuvo Kristen Stewart

Wendy's English that no one understands says:

Chanel always have me shook with the outfits and setups

Trey Cartier says:

When you are producing such basic and old lady designs you almost have to WOW the customer with the set. We all know Chanel’s RTW quality isn’t top notch! But yea..cute set. Some cute designs and otherwise it’s what we expect.

ItsJennifer .D says:

Most comfortable catwalk show ever > <

Angelo Levin says:


Sasha says:

Chanel makes the sickest fashion shows in the world! ❤️

Mona Hh says:

I love it 😎 😍😍😍

Lalulilaa says:

Perfect Show!!! 😍😍😍

Claudio montaño says:


miguel angel aguilar pariona says:

Fabuloso como 100pre me sorprende Chanel

epperson studio says:

this BUDGET is endless.liked the Blue lace.

Donovan says:

I wish high fashion models walked like how they walked in the 80s-90s. Now it’s so boring and stiff. I need them to give me lifeee lol but this collection and set up is amazing though

Mr. Mou says:

Is Stella at the final with Karl?

You Know ME and You Don’t says:

I love Chanel Looks.

Diana says:

Surreal fantástico👌

賴涼彩 says:


Raquel Backwards says:

In loveeee! I can feel the 80's

David _ says:

Leila!!! 13:52 finally a ANTM girl really succeeding in the big fashion shows

renee angele says:

beautiful as always, some real stand outs, some so beautiful as to weep and some so bad as to be completely dumbfounded by the direction of throught (ie. roses in armpit sweater, just terrible! paired with the most beautiful skort)

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