The Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Show — CHANEL

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All the looks from the Haute Couture collection, presented by Karl Lagerfeld for Spring-Summer 2019 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

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Armando Trovaioli : Dramma della Gelosia
(Armando Trovaioli)
Courtesy of Sony ATV Music Publishing France

Mina : Parole Parole
(Gianni Ferio / Leo Chiosso/Giancarlo Del Re)
(c) 1972 – EDIZIONI CURCI SRL / MUSIC UNION SRL, Milan (Italie)
Courtesy of Curci France / Warner Music France

Piero Umiliani : Cinque Bambole (versione coro)
(c) 1971 Edizioni Musicali Bixio
Courtesy of Cinevox Record S.p.A

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Chiffre de la Jeunesse says:

Where do they find those girls?!?!? Someting is going definitely wrong…..

Erum.rahman1 V2satv2sat says:

They r sooo lady -like dresses…i admire..

bellabana says:

So beautiful, feminine & such stunning fabrics!

Arifiana Wardhani says:

Anyone knows the first model?

Keisha Dewsbury says:

very well put together

kookkai says:

6.38 ❤️

kookkai says:

🍃Paroles, palores ❤️

everl0ng says:

Welcome to my Italian Backyard in Paris.

oscar Palacios says:

Dónde está karl

livingwithpsjlife says:

I Am Not Understanding What's Going On!!! This can't be right no one look's like an Adult is there something wrong with me?

CJG says:

Chanel is Chanel. 💗

Locke Rosser says:

I may be wrong but is everyone white? Bad representation

Saba Salehifar says:

Omg so many models

Shalvya Inge Indira says:

Everything is so painfully BEAUTIFUL!! But I honestly didn't like the shoes very much..

Joyce Mayara says:

Dona Chanel Amei os cortes V em algumas peças ❤👏

Андрей Мирошниченко says:


cbudzyn says:

Jesus what’s up with the models eyes at 3:58? She looks like she’s been crying her eyes out there so blood shot. Your wearing Chanel couture honey I wouldn’t be able to keep a huge smile off my face. But I know these people don’t appreciate it.

Мирьям Мир says:


James Le Page says:

wearable, sans the bridal swimsuit.

Paola Bueso says:

The set is breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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