The Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Collection Know-how — CHANEL

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The endlessly renewed creativity and know-how of the Haute Couture ateliers and CHANEL’s Métiers d’art are revealed in the Spring-Summer 2019 collection by Karl Lagerfeld.

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Susie English says:

Approx 40% of high end fashion is dumped to landfill because it doesb't sell. About 20% of high street goes the same way. Pity the companies just don' t give it away

dakota says:

This collection was….boring. It’s almost like Chanel has been making the same collection for the past years, repetitive & unoriginal.

Dee Lg says:

Woww !! Intricate details making the dress more beautiful !! No wonder the price !!

Angel Bulldog says:

Channel has lost it. Some of the ugliest shoes and hair I've seen in a long time, and the clothing is, despite great embellishment, not very exciting.
Looks like the taste level and elegance went with Coco….

iamamyly says:

It’s so beautiful 😩

Morita Sari says:

Wow…and i just wonder what happen to all the dresses after the show…

Anas Fontaine says:

Whats the name of the song

Nadine Ireland says:

The detail is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing this behind-the-scenes insight into the creation of haute couture garments. 👏🏼✅😊🌸💟

Guilty Couture says:

i didnt like this show but i can appreciate how beautiful the proces was

Kakus Subrado says:

Song title please? Anyone?

mieszaj bo gorąca says:

Modelki źle dobrane do kreacji.

franz grabe says:

it's so important to see a visual explanation of the money you pay for couture………words just don't get to the core of the explanation or the dedication of the artists.

jzie says:

Thats why its expensive. Hands down to all the makers and designers of this house.

Thi Minh Thu Lao says:

So beautiful. However, wonder do they strong & can last long? I only have bags but not clothes. Bags can last long because no need to wash.

Candice Swanepoel Love Victoria’s Secret says:

Very beautiful 💞 😘 💞 ‼️

Evelyn Rojas says:

Such pretty fabrics and textiles but the final structures are such a disappointment 😢 so much work for it to look ridiculous at the end.

Martyna says:


Rebecca Brooks says:

💜💜😍🤗 gorgeous

Gulshan Bibi says:

Breathtaking is a underrated word for these dresses.

carol castera tordet says:

Je suis admirative du travail d orfèvre de cette couture 🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

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