The Spirit of the Cruise 2015/16 CHANEL Collection

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Artist: Portico
Title: “Bright Luck” featuring Jono McCleery
Label: Licensed courtesy of Ninja Tune

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Карина Шабанова says:

how can I find the soundtrack?

Zoe Zhang says:

What's the point of the makeup

Valentino Way says:

Cute! 😀 ♥

jonop37 says:

Super shit makeup. Embarrassing for Chanel.

Lisa K Troy says:

Beautiful flowing fabrics! The makeup was really unique as well.

naoyuki miyawawa says:

i think this image is fox.

Estela Flores says:

chanel…en la ruta…

That Bites says:

Loving this

Yuja H says:

Korean inspired patterns, colors, and flowers. Love it! Thank you Chanel for putting spotlight on and reinterpreting Korean traditional beauty that we Koreans ourselves have forgotten.

Arely Navarro says:

barbara palvin ????????

The Land of Lavish says:

Sasha Luss is everything. Beautiful collection!

오현식 says:

seoul cruise. damn. . so beautiful

shawolshawol says:

Beautiful models!


everyhing is so pretty

Miguel Todd says:


Dhyon Black says:

Is always nice your collection in girls, but I will appreciate see actually something in mens too, channel is not exclusive to woman.

cathy blanton says:

WHAT color is that bright lipstick? You can see it at 0:11 and 0:21 and 0:41.

Sona Gasparian says:

What a beautiful collection. ??

Vacheli Iyer says:


Dominique Isis Pereira says:

it sounds like bastille singer

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