“The Return” by Karl Lagerfeld – The Film

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In December 1953, Coco Chanel began her incredible return to center stage. The designer reopens her Haute Couture house after fifteen years of absence. The c…

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latinoeastbay says:

I think it should have been in some kind of accent. it was to american
accent to me, not credible. but it was something to watch, i was bored with
nothing to do

seanzscorpio says:

Thumbs up if you have met Karl! Twice! I know I’m such a thumbs whore. :b

Fab Jennie says:

Chanel is coming to Dallas. Wish I had an invite :-)

jehan vazifdar says:

the best of lagerfelds short films. i love the coco chanel quotes that were
worked in.

Daphne D. J. S. Lisney says:

+Mandy J. Grieve 

Lanier Smith says:

It was very beautiful to look at but looks are not everything. You need
substance, style and a direction in a short film such as this. The Return
meandered and floundered while searching for it’s center. First off the
film lacked a sense of place, of the city of Paris. it’s lack of elan could
have played out anywhere. Second, the film had no tension or real
feeling. Geraldine Chaplin did her best to create from very little a real
portrait of Chanel and for that she is to be commended. However the lack of
a script in this project was the death blow to any real feeling or emotion
it might have evoked. Third, the most essential thing to making any film is
a good script. it is the foundation, like a dress pattern. This was a
Chanel suit made without a pattern, the fabric was thrown on a dress form,
barely draped or pinned, and sewn in the dark. The direction was non
existent which left the film to be barely watchable and embarrassing. 

CandyHam says:

anyone know what typestyle they used for the opening credits?

swecheekypanda says:


Ivan Tirado says:

love her, she said she doesn’t dress to look younger or richer. agreed.

amanda hoffman says:

Best 25 mins of my life 

Levina Pham says:

Okay you guys have to admit that The Return is far better than Karl’s other
films that he has done for the house.
Yes, she has an American accent but I do like her portrayal of Coco and who
are to say that she didn’t do a good job for none of us have known her

Plane60 says:

Gerarldine is a great actress and Karl rules ! Very good film, love it.
Karl should make a film continuation about COCO CHANEL

Mary T. says:

good but the accent doesnt really fit it…

Hayko Manukyan says:

this is so boring. Lagerfeld… he really does look ridiculous. He IS
ridiculous. I bet Chanel would have a stroke if she lived to see him take
over her maison de couture.

natalie imre says:

+J Lynn Orenstein It’s here!! 

soltan alosmi says:

never too late for love .and yes woman dress for woman 

Julia Salgueiro says:

Wonderful! I love the Lagerfeld´s short films!

Niel Wong says:

the double interlock CC was created by Karl…what is it doing there on the

Eudes, King de France says:

Geraldine Chaplin’s excellent acting really makes up for Karl’s lack of
directing experience……..ha! :)

sandra huayanay says:

Geraldine Chaplin makes this short film unforgettable…

Rafael Camacho says:

great film, the best!

Manuel Guerrero says:

Wonderful, the direction, the actors, the soundtrack, a round of applause
for it.

Laurence Keating says:

Was that Cara Delevingne I saw at 10:46?

roxnpennies says:

She was so wise. I wish I could have met her. 

jose esteban navas says:

This is the real Chanel, not the fucking Karl Lagerfeld, hi sucks 

Sam Mas says:


Tri Putra says:

it’s all about LOVE. thank you coco chanel !

Cornelia Adiras says:

oh this is so inspiring, i love it! i’ll try my best to build my brand :)

Dana ART says:

That was beautiful.

SEL MOON says:


Alexandra Grand says:

chanel was so a great woman ! 

samococo says:

14:27, funny touch to put Anna Mouglalis in the movie

Наталья Вилерте says:
iracarolina2001 says:

15.33 The most important thing for a woman is to know that she has been
loved, to be loved. It is not to love, as to love it is easy..anyone can

Peoples Choice says:

cheap shit , with this money they should do better production …but again
is shit

Victoria Perez says:

4:30 I want that dress sooo badly!!!

vanitywearsprada says:

Well…my question is just ‘why’?

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