The Paradoxes of CHANEL – Inside CHANEL

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The paradox is audacity that lies somewhere between decent and exuberant, opaque and transparent, elegant and nonchalant, groundbreaking and classic.
Watch “The Paradoxes of CHANEL,” Chapter 17 of Inside CHANEL.

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Arcticpaw AJ says:

hey my name is chanel spelt the same way

Mimi Mediouni says:

loved this

La “LaSerpentaCanta” Serpenta Canta says:

No 5 l'eau the most famous fragrance in the world?

MHH Mulaty says:

The paradox is life. When we are born we are made to die.

suryaprasad04 says:

This made me smile :)

YoSr says:

This is one of the best presentation 😀 good work to those who design this!!

Shraddha Hudale says:

Awesome words

asti 07 says:


searchforlia says:

I love her.

C Rodrigues says:

Every Reason To love Chanel! <3

London In Style says:

Fantastic! If only youtube Advertisements were like this.

Jaime Arroyo Domínguez says:

So beautiful

Elina says:

i love this so much

Gus Salazar says:

Me encantan estos videos!!!

Michaela Schmid says:

This is stunning.

Sandra Cobban says:

Love the new Chanel Le Blanc PARFUM most beautiful fragrance I've ever owned?
Wish we had the jeans ( all my budget & cosmetics / skincare / handbags would be ok with)
We don't …I live in a small city in Canada I'd never buy jeans online ( ? Trying them on,not ok with me)
I can though,order skincare & some makeup from a very lrg Canadian retail store excellent reputation ( have card)
Oh well, I watch the fashion shows & dream…like I'm on a pink cloud…I did purchase no.5 soap,bubble bath & body wash….GORGE.
Leaves the bathroom scented for hrs……….LOVE CHANEL( sorry strayed off topic!)

Sandra Cobban says:

Very cool….so true story as well ……

Gustavo Farias says:

OMG. The grafics are stunning ?❤

Min kujp says:


Ludmylla halona says:

My like! ????????

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