The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Fashion Show at the Miho Museum near Kyoto, Japan

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The full Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 Fashion Show by Nicolas Ghesquière.

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Silvia Pirracchio says:

come al solito i cugini francesi, per la cultura d'immagine và oltre. evviva la France

Antonio Perea says:

yikes!!! there are too many references to draw from which make the collection look ridiculous. what's the deal with those creeper fendi bagbug look-a-like wide open lady eye balls in the bags?

s berg says:

pretty area


I wonder how much this runway show cost?
Louis Vuitton's regular collections have better designs than runway collections.

Pak Samnang says:

It is very risky to walk down the stair with so many steps like that. What a relief that nobody fell

simone francisca teixeira dias says:

Área base vezes altura .
Desfile ocular e sob formas geométricas.2017

Andres Franco says:

The weakest and worst collection by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Louis Vuitton. Please Nicolas remove yourself from this appointment as you know and we all do that this is NOT your fit. Time to retire from fashion if need be. So boring and lackluster….every season it is the same look……I do not know this woman and neither do the rest of us.

ปฐมพร อินทรสูต says:

They're look so serious.
nobody smile lol

ff Rho says:

정유라씨가 살 것 같은 의상이 보이네. ㅋㅋ 갠적으로 다리가 굉장히 신선하고 절제된 느낌을 주고, 화장인지 음악때문이지 야생적이면서 동양적이기도 하고 패턴이 크면서 시원한 느낌도 들고. 일본이랑 배경에 의해 동양모델 많이 등장해서 조화도 이룬 것도 좋고 결론은 배두나 나와서 짱좋음

Rusty Chan says:

Venue: tick, Bags: tick, Make Up: NO, Clothes: Ugly!!!

Handri Setiawan says:

Is this the longest runway ever?

fatimahnoordinVEVO says:


Brandon Blevins says:

Great creative director of LV! I loved this!

alan caceres says:

best fashion show ever ?


Out of this world! <3

lizziemarie says:

For those wondering, Territory by The Blaze and Indestructible by Robyn are the songs used in the soundtrack.

Kat 2C says:

Spectacular venue..

Monika Mathis says:

What's the cost to attend one of his shows???

Guilherme Alves says:

song name ?

isabel medina says:

grandioso LV como siempre ?

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