The Innocents Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Drama HD

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The Innocents Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Drama HD
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In 1945 Poland, a young French Red Cross doctor who is sent to assist the survivors of the German camps discovers several nuns in advanced states of pregnancy during a visit to a nearby convent.

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Unforgiven Wind says:

Acording to other comments movie is great?But not my type of a movie im skipping this…..DONT LIKE IT!

ninetailed fox says:

What is the name of the music used in this?

Indian ninJA says:

Truely masterpiece… Omg m in love with this movie

Lovorlie 95 says:

What is the piano song called near the end of the trailer???

Emily Ascepiter says:

Saw "examines every moral crevice of an unthinkable situation" and I went YAS. I love stuff that messes with me that way and makes me go "Who even am I am what would I have done?" very few things are crafted and conceived that well, I have big hopes for this one!

Goran Zdravkovic says:

song name 0:25 ?

Noblebird02 says:

What is the trailer music for this?

shagra alomari says:

I cry before i see it . I think it is a greet movie.

Sokol sokolov says:

Russian army in Europe was a greater evil, than the civilized German occupation

YouCLTube says:

A right movie about those who won world war 2, they did this in all countrys they crossed till Berlin…

Corgis mclean says:

And soldiers call themselves the most honorable profession…. Here in the U.S.A 1 in 9 women are raped in the army. C'mon it's 2016, buy a couple of dinners!

jessie james says:

poor nuns. what happened to the children of those nuns. all given away ? and the nuns what happened to them ? wish i can find the movie available. i am afraid to download due to viruses…hope i find the video dvd

Timothy Barrett says:

Let's never forget that the Soviets claimed to have "Liberated" Europe (Putin's Russia continues to say the same).

The film is a reminder that the only liberation that the Soviets brought to the women of Europe was "Liberation" from their Virginity.

Yet, Moscow gets pissed off when the former occupied countries tries to dismantle the Soviet-installed memorials.

elijah7k says:

I thought this was a great movie!

Red R0ver says:

can't wait to see this

MrDenverman1 says:

I'm gonna invite my polish friend Teresa to watch that movie together.

HayabusaSenToTai says:

Another dumb western show blaming Russians for everything. They might as well have made the plot such that Putin raped the nuns, stole all their gold and cast Hillary Clinton as the savior nun out to rescue them all! Faith is hating Russians for everything in Europe (as if chasing the Nazis outta Poland, dying and sacrificing wasn't enough!), another cheap show sponsored by the DNC and their french cronies. Oh wait! There's more! The "Soviet" soldiers were crewed by Trump supporters "Les Deplorables!" and Trump himself was the camp commandant who ordered the nuns raped coz he thought they were Mexicans (they're all Catholic right?), and he built a wall around the convent to cover up his misdeeds, and he made the nuns pay for it too! So much for liberal Europe, its ALL Putin and Trump's (use to be GW, but he's kinda quiet now) fault! Oh! and the Pope hates Trump too, so yup, can't be wrong, them eeeeeeeevil Russians and repubs at it again!

Karen Harris says:

I definitely plan to see this one!

Srijan Adhikary says:

Ida in color!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane Big says:

Saw it yesterday. What a movie!

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