The House of Dior

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An estate in the south of France purchased by legendary fashion designer Christian Dior in 1951 has been recently restored. Seth Doane joins actress Charlize Theron on a tour of the Chateau de la Colle Noire – and a trip back in time to the Golden Age of couture.

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Google User says:

Fantastic house and story but the state of "high fashion" today is LOWER than Trumps I.Q. What passes for womens' designer clothes and hairstyles are ABOMINABLE.

teenie beenie says:

charlize can act nice if she needs to!

lilMissF0F0 says:

If only the house was never redecorated since he left it 🙁 <3 beautiful beautiful house

Sparkling Silver Curls says:

Great segment, beautifully done!! This is why I love Sunday Morning!!!

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