The ‘holy trinity’ of Hermès bags

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Handbags & Accessories specialist Rachel Koffsky looks at the Kelly, the Constance and the Birkin — and offers an expert guide to what new and experienced collectors should look for.

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TheKlyde234 says:

Are we all just ignore the fact that this woman is absolutely gorgeous?

Lydia Ferdin says:

This is ridiculous 20k for a bag that looks just like any other Michael Kors bag? For that price, the bag better be made out of 24 karat pure solid gold and diamonds Accents, WTF, she literally have to put insurance on that purse. Even if I had the money, I would never spend $20k on a bag…..that’s insane

Chrissy Margo says:

Such ugly homely bags 💼 lollll
Square and stupid looking with hardly any room to put anything. No shoulder strap, retardedly
I just bought 2 Coach Manhattan backpacks 🎒
And tomorrow I’m buying a
Coach Bleecker in fawn camo, just gorgeous.
Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Rosemarie Pitallar says:

That bags cost a fortune,it can feed one whole village for a cost of one bag can u imagine that..🙄🙄🙄🙄

derek yasmar says:

Its just a bag….

Endless Possibilities says:

The cost of this bag can feed 100 villages.

happymoments says:

All i need is a packing backpack when i cram everything i need.

Miko xmas says:

Yes this Bag will end war and hunger

caliber hair imports says:

We would love to be your personal hair source!

Amy no says:

Yeah, none of those are even remotely appealing. That much money? Jesus. Send that money to a charity. Those prices are just gross.

The Man in the Moon Mwah says:

So how bogus were those stories😂

Sonia Pandey says:

The price is madness. No matter how much money I have, I will never buy one of these over-priced bags. By this logic, anything “handmade” should be worth thousands. The bag isn’t even attractive, you can get the same bag made with QUALITY MATERIAL that can in fact last a lifetime for like $20.

askquestionsplz says:

over priced crap

poptofu says:

Just a fucking bag

green alien says:

Geez it's just dead skin of animals ridiculously overpriced . Only stupids or mentals would buy them. Meanwhile 3 billion people don't get enough calories per day. Shame.

Pran Mahen says:

Except they are made using skins of animals that were abused, tortured and mistreated. You left that part out.

Ariff Noorizan says:

The bag for the rich and the corrupt

Sueloveschoc says:

I’m not one of the crazy vegans or a peta activist but this looks like real leather and that would be the on,y reason I wouldn’t buy it if I had the money. I consciously purchase faux leather and lab grown diamonds/non diamond options like zirconias.

alleb mars says:

I always wanna own the kelly. It is a beautiful timeless piece

Adinda Marsalita says:

If it not ' Hermes ' im not sure people wants to buy that bag

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