The Hermès Scarf, the ultimate Parisian Chic accessory. Stylish ways to tie a scarf.

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As an icon of luxury, the classic Hermès scarf represents quality, craftsmanship, and timeless style. Today, the Hermès scarf still proves to be an essential part of the contemporary wardrobe. Designs can range from the more popular and classic motifs such as equestrian, military, and nautical, to the more playful geometric and contemporary. Hermès scarves can make a bold and colorful fashion statement. For me, it makes the focal point of an outfit, perfect with an all black or all white outfit. I like dressing up jeans and a t-shirt with the scarves at 1:24 and 3:56. While most of the designs contain multiple vivid colors, some scarves highlight different shades or hues, so your color preferences are important. I have featured many of my Hermès scarves in this video. I wear the scarf at 4:47 with blue tones. My latest purchase at 2:33… is to be worn with beige and tan tones. How to tie a scarf? There are blogs on favorite methods of scarf tying ideas. I don’t like following those guidelines. The key is to play with it, to be creative and tie it in a way that you like. Scarves are our most multi-functional fashion accessory. Wear it as a belt, a turban, a bag-tie, a halter top…My latest obsession is to tie it like a chocker with an off-the-shoulder top.
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Dr. Kathleen Ruddy says:

Simply marvelous!  These are my favorites – your Hermes videos.  Many thanks and Happy Healthy New Year.  Doc

Mary-Anne Bourke says:

I only have one Hermes scarf which I love dearly….this video is so inspirational! I think I may need a new Hermes or two

Nerissa March says:

Beautiful scarfs 🥂

Manju Singh says:

Beautiful 🌹

Tatinitor Terminitor says:

Estampado de bragas de vieja. 😷

Nejah says:

Nice video. But i have to admit I had to put off the music as it is "An der schönen blauen Donau"- the most famous viennese vals ever composed. I am from Vienna and when I watch a video taking place in Paris I hoped to get the real parisian feeling not the feeling of going to the Hermés shop in Vienna 😀 ;D

mizzmolly says:

I prefer to buy my Hermes on rather than going into the boutique. That way I don't have to pay sales tax! (LOL)

Island Girl says:

I need a few!!

Irma Lanaro says:

Thank you for posting this video…as always great work, short and sweet…

Arabella Magnolia says:

Wonderful video….👍😉❤️

Annette In Cairns says:


Margaret says:

Merci for showing us such gorgeous Hermes scarves! Which shopping location in Paris is this Hermes store located? Are you able to recommend any links where we may purchase authentic Hermes scarves?

Pheebe Dee says:

Does Hermès make any solid color scarfs?

Nancy Solomon says:

Such beautiful color! How fun to go in there.

Таня Анастасиу says:

Souper !

Gina, Living Medium says:

These are so lovely!

DMLK CS says:

Super video! My favorite accessory after my handbag. Hermès scarf & twilly are the best!

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