The Do and Don'ts of Visual Merchandising with Debbie Flowerday

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Francesca Barbaresco says:

Hello to everyone! I did a course of Vm in Florence, and I really loved it. I asked to a lot of Visual if I can help them in the job…for free to start to learn with practical example, but almost No one Answered to me ( betwen 50 and 60 pex). I sent several applications but everyone want experience and everyone is so jea

Roman Stakhivskyi says:

Dear Debbie, thank you for that nice review. I have learned a lot out of this video. Have you heard about MAGNWALL electrified displays? Those are metallic panels that allow flexible, screwless and cable-free electrification of lights and visual merchandise in a store. Here is the sample of the shopwindows done with MAGNWALL technology Take a look, you might like it!

Thomas Paul says:

I made an instagram page showcasing my visual merchandising work!

Follow me @thomasrpaul

Let me know what you think!

visual merchandising alsafadi says:

Hello, I'm Khalid from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and work professionally for my visual work and windows and looking for any institution or company interested in this work to be within the staff and I have a page on Facebook contains some pictures of my work and the way to contact me and thank you
Mob : 00962 79 84 64 118

Krystal S says:

I love your glasses and your style. The way everything is laid out it's just beautiful.

Jen says:

Really beautiful layout of those products. Thank you for the inspiration

Kumudini Sandesha says:

Visual merchandising influences the consumer behaviour especially when it concerns impulse buying. The main techniques of influencing the buying behaviour involve in-store product display and floor merchandising.

UK Yankee says:

I'm just starting out with my product going into a 'locally-made' shop in my town so I found this video incredibly helpful. Debbie Flowerday mentioned short courses for visual merchandising. Do you have any links to the short-courses that she lectures in?

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