The CHANEL Beauty Guide

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To start the day off right, follow the CHANEL beauty routine steps.

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Susan says:


Dolly Garcia says:

I love it….the models are beautiful….

Dolly Garcia says:

love it…

Ven Whatbutwhyno says:

The asian model catches my eye more than the other model ?

TruthbeeTold Wintour says:

even the makeup had makeup

k origin says:

Xiao is so cute

Christy Caputo says:

Have to love that the models are like 15…they don't even need all that makeup.

Andrea Santos says:

Best duo ever, they work so well together and i always have adored xiao wen ju… she's adorable!!!

Robertking1996 says:

Xiao made this video.

Era Ganotta says:

I just keep rewatching this video, it's perfect.

TheObiribea says:

The Asian woman is so pretty!

Dunn Brooklyn says:

Wow, they make beauty seem so effortless

tash palvin says:

0:40 didnt expect that

Elsa Marina says:

anybody noticed on 0:47 the chanel powder outside of the line? :o

jen han says:

the asian models so cute

EvaInTheCity says:

this is incredible!

SarcasticSpirit says:

If I looked like that, I wouldn't even bother with make-up.

Chao L says:

I was watching the Asian model throughout the majority of this video.

yi lee says:

xiao wen just sooooo beautiful in this video !

Mieke Nieskens says:

Love love love it!?

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