The Camellia – Inside CHANEL

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Chapter 16, “The Camellia” reveals all of the anecdotes around Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower.
More than just a camellia, the flower of CHANEL.

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Michelle Frisque says:

One of the most Elegant of all CoCo Chanel

Michelle Frisque says:

Coco by Chanel,myfavorite

Katerina Toporovsky (Kate) says:

That is amazing

Osi Sakura MUA says:

I Obsessed with this??

Bich Thuan says:

Bai Giang Cha Bui Quang Uy

Bich Thuan says:

Bai giang cha Bui Quang Uy

Beauty Secret says:


Enrique Carmona says:

what the name of the song?

That One SmartAss That You Don't Like says:

trypophobia alert

unless its a really bad case of it…

Kathy Myers says:

amazing piece of art and storytelling.

Kohlton Roberts says:

I Am You Best Fan!

Mia Wa says:

What is this music?

Sandra Cargle says:

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Brenda Rincón says:

I remember how much I love Chanel ?

Monica Parker says:

This is a beautiful, classy, timeless commercial. I love the idea of seeing the world from the cammilia's point of view, along with the history and story it told. Well done.

Miranda Wheeler says:

I love to listen to Maxwell!
I can listen to him All day.
I love his music

Joshua Lee says:

currently watch the video and I don't like it because and I really don't like videos of girls I just like little kids

Lillyth Riggs says:

What is this video my cat stepped on my phone and clicked on this video and I'm so confused.

Kasia Fletcher says:

I remember when this wasn't so annoying

Camellia Tuxworth says:

OMG my name is camellia!!!

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