The Best Vlog EVER | Gorjus Trina Leavers, Nettie and YouTubers & Chanel Unboxing! | Part 1

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I absolutely loved this day, Trina and I were so incredibly happy, she truly is one of my closest friends ever. How can we not smile when two best friends are placed on their favourite street and doing their ultimate pastime? – Bondies on Bond! Love you Trina! 🙂 x

Nettie(NettiesWorld4U) was so incredibly lovely! It was a joy to meet you and I will see you again before you leave! – Stay tuned for a vlog of that! x

JonnyCTV, KStyleTG, Bee Rachel, Cocosupernova, SallySparkle, SomedayShabby, Micky, Helloloverxoxo were also there and it was a joy to meet them all!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and an ‘Unboxings’ Video’ next!

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Nbcn says:

Omg I just adored this video!! What a lovely surprise to see Trina!! Tell her I say hi, pls! Best vlog ever!!!! xoxoxo N

Jenn Waterstone says:

Love this video! Good to see Trina again. Are you able to do an unboxing of the phone case? I'm thinking of purchasing one.

Ladonna Stow says:

love seeing trinea miss her volgs. love what you bought

xOrchid23x says:

Love your videos and daily insights on everything luxury items Ashley!! It was really great seeing Trina and knowing she is okay. Hopefully she will come back one day, loved her channel! 

rara aare says:

tell trina to come back!we miss her so much!

lisa18br says:

OMG Thank you so much for this vlog, I love Trina, and I miss her to death, I'm so glad to see her. Merci énormément

Alisa Nicole says:

That was great fun to see! Trina come back to YouTube!

Lyn Baez (Ohlalalynnie) says:

did trina close her channel and ig?

Cindy Jenkins (The Prickly Pearl) says:


mende75 says:

TRINA!!!!!!! So good to see her again. Please, Please, Please come back.

Chua Xiniyng says:

love this vlog……shout out to trina..i miss you so so so all your review videos..they were all so helpful..really really hope that you'll come back to youtube..

kavita thakkar says:

Oh it was so nice to see Trina after a long time, she needs to get back on Youtube!! Great video Ash!

ZANNA says:

TRINA!!! I miss you so much!! please come back! <3<3<3<3

Valerie Villa says:

amazing day

maria joseph says:

Congrats on the hardsided luggage… They are truly beautiful…
I wouldn't call a $4K Zephyr a "poor man's" luggage. You're blessed that you both can afford to buy the finer things but it doesn't look good on either of you when you become arrogant. A $4K piece of luggage is something someone "poor" would definitely not be able to afford.

Pattra B. says:

Happy dance ! Yay!

kaikoa1 says:

Omg loved this blog and even more amazing to see Trina! We've missed her so much!

inday fashionista says:

Ohhh! Trina Levers… I miss you… You are my inspiration!

Patsy Cade says:

Thanks for vlogging with Trina. I miss her videos so much. She looks great. You both have great style!

Henna-Adele Sundqvist says:

Greetings Trina XXX

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