The Best Of Beauty 2014

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2014 has come to an end, and that means it’s time to share with you my 2014 beauty favorites. This is the throwdown of all of my absolute favorite beauty products that has made my 2014! HAPPY…

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Andrea Ellenberg says:

Hi Camilla! Your videos are always a huge inspiration when it’s time for me
to buy makeup. I hope that in 2015 you can make a makeup collection, I
don’t know if you made one already, but it would be awesome to see an
update. Have an excellent new year, xoxo :)

Inge Højmark says:

And a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to YOU and your sweet FAMILY as well. It has
really been great fun to follow you in 2014!! <3 

elviraemelie says:

Hope you had an amazing year Camilla! I wish you a happy new year and I
hope 2015 will bring you health and happiness xx thank you so much for this
year, you have inspired me so much! Lots of love xx

Mathilde Werther says:

Jeg ville have fortrukket billeder af de produkter, du ikk har længere.
Ellers god video! Godt nytår søde Camilla ☺️

Aneta Starosta says:

Love watching your films! happy New Year for you Camilla and greetings from
Poland 🙂

favourite lip balm ? :)

AmandAsanaBeauty says:

You have some excellent favourites! I love lots of them. Especially the
hourglass palette, the brow wiz, naked basics and the professional. I
totally trust your opinion now. Just subscribed :-). Happy New Year! Hope
you have an incredible 2015!
p.s. giveaway on my channel right now if you’re interested. Lots of Sephora

deena7xo says:

I just subscribed- love all your videos! You have impeccable style. You
must visit Dublin, Ireland some time. Happy new year to you and your lovely
family- hope 2015 brings health and happiness xox

Ashyo711 says:

I Need to try the nars sheer glow foundation. I also love milani baked
blushes, elf color correcting powder, naked basics palettte, and mary
loumanizer they are all my favorites!! Have a great new year:) great video.

Sofía Marín says:

loved the video♥ what camera do you use??

Cindy Dawson says:

Good picks some I have and some I am going to buy thanks for giving me some
good ideas on what to buy

Lucca Bjerknes says:

Wow dit engelske er vildt godt!

Kamilla Kristiansen says:

Hvor køber du din glamglow? 🙂 

Ali Grace says:

Yay! I was hoping you’d make this video 🙂 happy new year! xo 

Johanna says:

I need to go shopping now 🙂 thanks for the recommendations and happy new

rachelle macneill says:

AWESOME video♡♡♡ hope u have a HAPPY & HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

Cindy Ramirez says:

HAPPY NEW YEAR CAMILLA!! GREAT VIDEO!!! ????????????????????

Smallecake321 says:

Which website Do you buy your brow wiz from? :)

DearMeNoUserName says:

Camilla, do you have a tutorial on the look you are wearing in this video?
Its gorgeous! 

Zoe Baadsgaard says:

Super video! Jeg håber du får et fantastisk nytår – glæder mig til at se
mere fra dig i 2015! 

Kat x says:

Love your make up in this video would love to see a tutorial ! x

Anna Munksø Mie Skriver says:

Really, really love your videos – good job!:-)

Maj Ammitzboell says:

Lovely video! Can you do a video on how to get brows on point?❤️

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