Tekken 7 – Korea vs Japan Special Event (Knee Qudans Chanel vs Nobi Take Noroma)

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Tekken 7 – Korea vs Japan Special Event (Knee Qudans Chanel vs Nobi Take Noroma) – Matches Only for Gameplay Study purposes.
#Tekken7 #Tekken #Season2
Credits to Bandai Namco, the Commentators and ofc the players. If anyone sees their copyright infringed message me and I will remove the video immediately

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papi says:

Yeah, we all knew who was going to win before clicking on this video

Claire Dell says:

Wow joji’s playing tekken now

Jonah Hanrahan says:

That was a crazy read from qudans 7:22

Red Sola says:

nobi's skills are getting rebooted after the changes of dragonuv. keep it up idol!

Jay Serevo says:

Tanukana orgasm @ 4:00 😊✌️

Disruptor 6 says:

Amazing video! Thanks for sharing 🙂

NadavB1zZy says:

12:22 when you are a tekken god and fix ur angle after low perry to not get a wall hit?!!!!!!!!!

Amer Zokari says:

They should’ve brought Ulsan instead of Chanel

Leon Kennedy says:

If they replace jdcr instead of chanel, it will be 3 wins

Kamal Ashraf says:

Japan had no hope..

Azure Nastoshi says:

Sasuga Knee

Mads Mikkelsen says:

No hope for oppenents when knee plays aggressively. Dat final round.

Aditya Verma says:

That's my boy knee….is the best…😍😍
Knee – omae wa shinderu …
Noroma – already dead 😂😂😂

thomas mcginnis says:

Where's JDCR? Should of been JDCR instead of Chanel.3 best players from Korea. Regardless I knew Korea was going to win. Team Korea = God tier

Moru says:

Knee vs. Noroma match was hype af.

dredvax says:

You know you watch too much anime if you can figure out a decent amount of what they're saying

Two Ms says:

that referee must be annoying as hell lol

NeoShinryu says:

These caster are like anime. Awesome

Vuyisile Plaat says:

Nobi still finna down 2. OKAAY I'll leave now.

Offense ϟ says:

12:49 Knee doesn't know what's going on 😭😭😭

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