Swarovski presents Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Summer 2014

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Swarovski is pleased to announce its latest sparkling collaboration with fashion’s celebrated designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Ever since founding his Couture atelier in 1997, Jean Paul Gaultier has been incorporating Swarovski crystals into his design creations with striking originality. His Summer 2014 collection is no exception and showcases no less than fifteen crystal-embellished outfits at his Haute Couture Catwalk event in Paris on January 22, 2014. Find out more: http://www.swarovski-elements.com

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Niya M says:

Hi my question is for Swarovski crystals do you sell a pack of Swarovski crystals and if you don't do you know a good brand of swarovski crystals please let me know I love Swarovski crystals so please let me know what brand that they are the real ones and how much they cost please let me know what brand you know that they are and if you sell them can you send me the link to them????

陈如意 says:


Scuola di ricamo alta moda says:

Che bei ricami!!

Silvia Sirotich says:

#Trend 2014: l'applicazione e il #ricamo di cristalli #Swarovski su tessuto Swarovski presents Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Summer 2014

Rebecca Harkins says:

What is the name of the song playing in the background?  Thanks!

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