Super Shopping Haul: Chanel,Tiffany, Lush,Louis Vuitton,MAC

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ALL THE DETAILS ARE IN HERE▽▽▽▽▽ This all happened because of a Gift for my Mum! my Amazing mum that helped so much to find us the perfect home! So I ended up picking…

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Meaghan B says:

If you got her the shawl, why do you still have it? Confused….

brandilovesbeauty says:

omg looooove the mimco earrings! and my hubby and i are thinking about
getting a nespresso machine. cant wait for the blog sale hope youll ship

NastasiaM53 says:

Beautiful haul babe, congrats!! I totally understand what you mean with
selling some of the LV items. I am actually doing the same thing, but also
because I would love to invest in other bags or accessories. Have a great
night my dear. Xoxo :)

bjtaylor02 says:

The denim shawl is on my list for fall 🙂 I need to scout your collection

TheLuxeBabe says:

Fabulous haul as always Jerusha! Love the Chanel Les Beiges & the stunning
LV scarf ❤️ Your Mom made an excellent choice.Tagged you in my Lip product
addict tag.Wishing you & your hubby a awesome weekend xoxo LB

trina leavers says:

stunning shawl, nice haul huni,i love how close you are to your mum xxxxxx

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Hey Lady. What a beautiful shawl. I definitely agree with you about selling
your items. LV is very pricey and if you aren’t using them then it makes
perfect sense to sell them and let someone else to enjoy them. I did the
same thing last year. I just could not see keeping new things that I was
not using. Only you know what works for your lifestyle. Anyway, great video

Lanier Smith says:

This was so much fun! I loved your description of how the Chanel
moisturizer smelled. That shawl is stunning! Bravo! 

Lipglosslovr27 says:

Love all the items in your haul. I need to get a LV shawl asap!!

BEEZ LVS says:

Totally agree with you about selling what you don’t use !!! That’s how I
work and as I buy new ones I sell those I don’t use enough to keep!! 

FantasmicOrgasmic says:

I LOVE that Chanel creme! I had tried it as a sample a few years ago and
finally made the splurge and bought it for myself as my birthday present
last year… I ADORE the smell! If they made a perfume in that same scent,
I would definitely buy it!

mrsbibilove says:

FABU haul Jerusha babe! xo I sold my LV bags that I wasn’t using and I
don’t regret it at all. Denim shawl is something I’m really interested in
nice to know its on your top 3 !! xoxo

Belindajess says:

I would love to see a tour if the cottage and hear your plans for your
first home. I’m not sure if the cottage is an old or new home (cottage
sounds old to me). My home is an old bungalow and I have issues with
storage. I would love to see your storage solutions xoxo

peacef77 says:

I always think you’re a Chanel GST balck with GHW girl :)… nice haul btw!

Let's go Shopping says:

That big mimco bag I was sure you bought a handbag, but just those cute
little earrings, you trickster! 😉 they look amazing on you, I’m impressed
with the quality of mimco earrings, I have a few pairs and they are really
well made 🙂 it’s funny I bought almost the same things at lush the other
night as well!! The massage bars are delish!

Kelli Kourtesis says:

Lol! @ neha! That’s what I thought!;)

Regina Smith says:

I would love to see your chanel makeup?

missKasandraD says:

Beautiful scarf!!

HoneyB563 says:

What a sweet, thoughtful daughter! Congratulation on your new home, I wish
you many years of happiness in your cottage. By the way, you are going to
love the Chanel powder, it’s truly the best!

rosannebent says:

Beautiful!! ❤️the earrings! I have nespresso machine and rarely use it
because have to order online 🙁 too lazy!! Lol!!

Kelli Kourtesis says:

Sweet gift to your mom!

Ko Wolter says:

OMG,as you described that scent of Chanel moisturizer I thought I could
actually smell it right out of my phone, haha.You are great!

Ada Solly Styling says:

Very nice. I have the same scarf as you. 

Robina Mcknight says:

What a great haul Jerusha :)

Cindy Splude says:

I’ve watched alllll your vids , love them! I never leave comments cause you
have like a million subbies so I figure you’ll never get back to me! Lol !
You’re always so entertaining !!! I know a lot of people don’t care for
your current Chanel bag, but I have to say, seeing it with you and taking
on its personality with you it has really grown on me and I find it very
unique!!!! And I love it! Nobody has it and that’s absolutely refreshing!!!
I’ll be watching for sale, and nice that you have come to the moment of
…. Ding! Not just a collector! And now keeping what will actually be

Lindsay Braxton says:

You’re so adorable! I love your videos!

Rina Pranoto says:

Alright, I need to get the Tiffany cleaner soon lol! Is it safe to use with
silver, gold, and diamonds? PS: my fave nespresso pod is rosabaya. Have you

Marlie Doolittle says:

I found a lovely shawl very similar at Goodwin for only$2. Love it

Natalee Patel says:

Another FABULOUS haul…. mmmm that moisturizer and powder…. I’m getting
them asap… look what you made me do! :)

ShopSRJ says:

Ooh my gosh!! How lovely is the black lv shawl!!!! I need this in my life
🙂 perfect haul! Hope your mum enjoys! Xoxox 

Gina Flores says:

Lovely haul! Thanks for sharing!

rxqueen602 says:

I get so excited when you do a haul or any video. I love the scarf you
gifted your mom its very elegant.

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