Street Style men’s fashion week Milan january 11 – 14, 2014

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Street Style men’s fashion week Milan january 11 – 14, 2014

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juanchules says:

3:24 el poeta ctm .!

Tom Denny says:

Amazing video pal!! I was wondering if you'd check out mine too, thanks so much!

clay smith says:

love window display presentation draw appeal

Izabel Stamenova says:

3:04 what's da name of the boy on the left???

Tony Molly says:

I love fashions street…

Saad Abdellaoui says:

Hhhhhh WTF is this billshit

Tebz Arnie says:

Can somebody tell me the name of the song playing in the background please?

Niki black hat says:

Nice one.
Have a look at my videos

Style Architexts says:

Great suggestions and tips if you would like to watch how to effectively change your style check out my channel.

Sandra Angela says:

I love your video!! You did such an amazing job 🙂 new subbie here! 🙂 I also started to make some fashion videos (finally) and I would really appreciate if you could check them out and let me know what do you think of them 🙂 I would love to have some youtube friends over here so if you're interested please let me know 🙂 and subscribe back if you like my channel :)

Nicole Anna says:

Your videos are really entertaining to watch – i'm always hooked from beginning to end – you have inspired me to have the confidence to start my own channel so I thank you for that!

P.S. If anyone on here is looking to collab please let me know I'm up for anything and/or subscribe to my channel 🙂 xxx

Wade White says:

I can appreciate this. We'll go there when we cross this Bridge! As they say Paris; 'you haven't heard or seen anything yet"! Have you or are you married. not that it is that important. You'll get it right I'm sure of this!

Wade White says:

Appreciate what isn't going on Paris. You'll see it for what it isn't going on. Those who play are still playing! it will cost them much ore than they can imagine. When you break trust. i's broken for life!

Vlad Shirokov says:

Good video

Dominus Vasilev says:

Amazing video but that intro – Jesus no. Change it, not right now, but yesterday

djihad mohammedi says:

The music ?? :o

Luis Montenegro says:

lmaooo at all this bullshit 

marcia oliveira says:

I love fashion street

Bobby Raffin says:


Nelson Martinez says:

Those Jeremy Scott's were crazy!

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