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Hey guys! Welcome to Happily Dressed’s first video! Today we’re talking all about the spring trends of 2016 in men’s fashion!

Hope you enjoy! If you do, be sure to give a BIG thumbs up and subscribe for more videos just like this one!

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Olivia Stallworth says:

I’m always pinning too! The amazing part is when you find a certain outfit you really like, you’re challenging yourself to come up with a similar concept but with your style. Love your vids!

jcj224 says:

Love the video and loving your content! New subscriber here!

Joshua Oloyede says:

I really love your channel because you're style is so cool and everything you talk about is relatable! keep on doing what you're doing. I'm inspired to start my own channel soon!

IAN RON Bello says:

just followed you on pinterest thanks for the awesome finds!

William Christensen says:

U are inspiering, keep up

Enhsaihan Tsakhiur says:

You gotta go to the gym , man

TG TG says:


Juoley says:


Kevin Andrews says:

Where did you get your black hat from?

LaRay Donyeil says:

Hey! Loving this video man! You helped me remember I had a pair of cropper dress pants I totally forgot about!! Lol I'm DEF subscribing

fittedup says:

nice vid… when you do these can you leave the photo in the bottom corner? you did it for some but not all. it helps us see what you are talking about when you go thru the outfit and also if I don't like the outfit it helps me slide to the next style.

Ivan Martinez says:

i agree with ur concept. love ur channel. amazing work

George says:

How's sociology I'm thinking of taking that too

Aleks Gamzin says:

loved it!! i love your blog so much <3

bamischijfje123 says:

damn, wish my first video got so much views

thebacon says:


Jeremy Jin says:

Love your personality, humor and commentaries! definitely subbed 😀

Ricky Munoz says:

Exactly what I said about jumpsuits entering the game ! Summer is only shorts & t shirts

jordan allaway says:

hat is fresh

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