Spring-Summer 2017 Haute Couture Show – CHANEL

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More on http://chanel.com/-HauteCouture2017
Full film of the Spring-Summer 2017 Haute Couture show that took place on January 24th, 2016 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Artist: Hylas
Title: Dreaming
Label: courtesy of Demigod Ltd / Kobalt Music Publishing

Artist: Mica Levi
Title: Vanity
Label: courtesy of Milan Music / Beggars Publishing ltd

Artist: John Talabot
Title: Voices
Label: Courtesy of Permanent Vacation / Warner Chappell Music

Artist: Mica Levi
Title: Children
Label: courtesy of Milan Music / Beggars Music ltd

Artist: Hylas
Title: Kranky
Label: courtesy of Demigod Ltd / Kobalt Music Publishing

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Mia Suvorina says:

Wonderful PlayList, i hear Russians words)). I like this music and show!

Dave Wong says:

Why must Kendall Jenner (Kardashian) and the Hadid Sisters be in Chanel's show…? I can't help but to roll my eyes DEEPLY. I have to literally skip their part to appreciate the beauty of CHANEL Show! I just hope these pest "models" will just leave the modelling scene ASAP. Seriously ruining the beauty of fashion. Unbelievably cheap…

Ms.Markelova says:

I love this collection! Thank God that there is Karl Lagerfeld! Thank you that there is Chanel!

fashiopatia says:

I can´t stop smiling… no words indeed!

Rolsa says:

Ору какой голос вселенной

FireMageryGuru says:

I have a feeling that 13:55 is going to be my favorite moment of this year already.
If a picture says 1000 words, then it could have said it in 1000 flashing shards of Infinite Jest: Medusa v. Odalisque.
Also, it was very Ultima Online… I seem to have those same floor tiles floating above my castle, I will see to it that my Grandmaster Tailor make a valiant attempt at that dress.

Юлия Хомякова says:

Детка, ты просто космос!

Rafael Camacho says:

Best of Chanel in a Long Time

도가 Tv says:

wow… last dress is so beautiful and shiny…

OnWingsOfHope says:

Wonderful to see Chanel once again, reclaiming its status as a true Couture House, capable of producing Artfully crafted, carefully created, thoughtfully produced confections that goes towards the enhancement of the female form, rather than resort to "Harajuku" inspired chaos as it did in the past; in a misguided belief, that to stay relevant, we have to force our affluent & mature clients, to adopt "street-style" affectations. Kudos Karl for reviving clothes that screams "refinement, exquisite workmanship & beauty." AMEN!

Kevin Belegno says:

soo joo, charlotte free, lexi boling ????❤❤❤

Simone P says:

Kendall shouldn't walk in this show! Bella though keeps impressing me. Beautiful work by Karl, stunning creations!

_Kari Moon_ says:

Это очень красиво.

Lisa Holtman says:

This collection is by far my favorite. I love literally eeeverything! oh lord, i wish i walked that show….

Samantha Nuber says:

Lagerfeld is such a great designer =) Beautiful show…

Елена Горковенко says:

Это настолько круто ?

Rozali Urazumbetova says:


A Money says:

Bella did nothing for me in this show but Kendall has the perfect look for Chanel to me she looks so elegant in that dress. And I know ppl are complaining that lily rose is too short but the way they switched to the soft music and that pink dress she wore she looked like a real life doll when she walked out it was perfect. There needs to be more diversity in fashion and she has a stunning face so stop hating people.

A Money says:

Is that the model who is dating her brother at 7:15? ? dude

rafa reyna says:

This was very soothing to watch. A collection I personally loved from start to finish.

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