Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture CHANEL Show

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More on http://chanel-news.com/-Spring-Summer-2015-HC Full film of the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture fashion show that took place on January 27th, 2015 at the Grand Palais in Paris …

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CHANEL says:

Watch the full Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture show #chanelhautecouture

Maria Iza says:

Wow, I am so disapointed. By my favorite brand. Kendall Jenner, really ?
Why hire such an average model when are so many good high fashion models ?

Camila Gianoli says:

Chanel gets better every year!
The scene is adorable, perfect! I really liked some of the dresses. I may
admit im not a fan of the kinda 90’s? maybe look. I mean, i like to wear my
crop-tops with a high-waisted pieces. Anyways, i liked a few. I’d wear them
myself if i could. Really romantic. I even liked the colour blue here 🙂

And whoever was the babe watering the plants… Can i have you? He’s so
sassy! 😛 

lizbennetgenova says:

Beautiful collection but you should seriously stop hiring models with clear
health problem. Some of them are so skinny they can barely stand. Other
brands comparable with Chanel are doing well better than you are when it
comes to this and I am tired of watching anorexic-look-alike models, to say
the least.

Réka Németh says:

amazing dresses as always! i love Karl Lagerfeld’s dresses they are just
amazing! but were was Cara Delegvine during the show? i really missed
her…Kandall Jenner was pretty i love her

Evelyn S says:

Where is Cara?

Tony CA says:

Why is everyone hating on Kendall? She literally fits right in with the
rest of the models. Quit hating cause you ain’t her.

Ayshu ergin says:

karl lagerfeld is my boyfriend. K?

Aiyra Felix says:

What’s the model in 14:15?

sickboyjulian says:

10:25…her walk is not professional at all..like seriously she’s just
overrated, nothing special about her; some models even do better than this
average look model. I don’t hate her, I’m just telling the truth(some of
teen fans don’t be aggressive ha) Best wishes to those models who haven’t
been noticed but talented, someday your efforts will be seen.

Cherries Jubilee says:

As usual the special effects were wonderful. I loved the colors, but found
the black boots distractedly harsh. This line looked very like 1962 with
geometric shapes and straight lines. Interesting on size two models, but I
don’t think it will translate well onto the street…but never mind…

Denise Buchman says:

Stunning colors and creations – Chanel always amazes me and makes me feel
more creative! xo


Now that I’ve shared my thoughts on the collection (where the focus should
be) Ill share my thoughts on the models. The model that stood out to me was
the blonde asian-american looking model (the one with blonde hair and
bright red lips

Amenia .M says:

Absolutely loved the dress at 9:02 beautiful! 

mrblf652 says:

Chanel has the best sets for their shows.

AlphaKnight495 says:

16:41 I love the elegance of the models face, it shows a lot yet a little.

stefanos2691 says:

One of the same channel nonsense AGAIN! Tweed will never look young Karl.
NEVER! Ant stitching flowers on fabric is NOT ground braking. We’ve seen it
all before.

rioMoros says:

A ver si las dan algo de merendar, que se van a desfallecer ahí mispmo…

Sergio abajur says:

Nach den ersten 8 Minuten fangen die Kleider an weniger langweilig zu
werden. Es heißt nicht dass sie schön sind. Chanel verliert seine Eleganz.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an den Bühnenbildner !
Chanel verliert die Eleganz im Garten!

Sérgio Abajur


why these flat shoes ????

Lana Janner says:

where is cara?

Steve ldnuk says:

You really have to see it in real life to appreciate the peices. Even the
colour can be diffrent on camera etc. Just like meeting a person face to
face is diffrent than seeing the on screen or in a picture. You only get
the real sense when your right there sharing the same space.

starrcooki3e says:

Where is Kylie in the show anyway?

eduarda simoes says:

they impress me every single time.. amazing!!!

chilvari says:

Seriously? You people like this shit? Ugh! It looks awful! So dull and
boring. The fashion industry has really gone down the drain. I see the same
shit every year and it’s far from groundbreaking. I expect high-end fashion
designers to be high-end. But half the time what I get is a DIY collection
from etsy.com.

Jane Beanette says:

Those 18 minutes went by quickly.

patrick keen says:

@14:21 That cropped hoodie is INSANE!!!

Marie Joy says:

I know it’s get’s repeated many times but I have to clarify it. Kendall
really does have the best of both worlds, If she decides to do F.W she can
fly in luxury to the destination, Stay in 5 star Hotels, Party with Top
Designers and get more exposure. Whereas you compare that to an ‘In-Demand’
Model of the moment, No matter how good she is, works excruciatingly long
hours, early flights to here there and everywhere for castings, Cramped
model apartments…the list goes on. Then you have Kendall’s ACTUAL
modelling talent, Yes we know she is skinny, tall blah blah but that would
mean any Tall skinny girl could become a model? no, her photographic skills
are same old, no versatility in her face, she only has one look. I will
never ever consider Kendall to be a ”True Model”, except for a Glorified
little rich girl that can contact whomever she wants to get in a SHOW or

Linda Singagerda says:

It’s just me or Cara was in the front line of audiences’ seats

TheKatieSmile says:

some of these dresses are so beautiful and in my opinion totally wearable

Carducci1959 says:

Why doesn’t Lagerfeld just retire graciously? This is absolutely bad taste
at it’s worse.

Wesley Kan says:

Oh wow, the show started to get better near the end. My favorite pieces
were primarily the last three floral dresses. The tweed suits at the
beginning felt like they were a typical Chanel classic.

luticia says:

I guess this was the first CHANEL collection ever I haven’t enjoyed it. Not
at all.

Dennis Barker says:

Wow . what a fabulous collection , loved the forward going designs..

Nothingbutthebest says:

Is it me or does a feeling of mealy, over-textured, sacks, homey, earthy,
safe, yesterday was walked out? The decorations were new age.

Fashionista says:

Looove the Chanel Shows, always! And guys, it’s not about the models, it is
about the clothes and the whole package, and Karl always does excellent

German Almanza says:

Nuevamente sorprende Chanel, sin embargo no siento a Karl en esta
colección, sin duda tiene a una mente creativa impresionante trabajando
para el.

freshi98 says:

If it’s one thing with Chanel they ALWAYS know how to make such beautiful
and intricate staging.

The clothes were beautifully designed and it was a perfect mix of classic
Chanel with a touch of modernism. Perfect show

Ahmed fahem says:

Spring-Summer 2015 Haute Couture CHANEL Show: http://youtu.be/8gVI2EV6C2U

Hhey says:

I think Kendall Jenner will become mini Cara’s chanel favourite model soon
lol ..

fred ricaud says:

sur ma planete je suis un insecte qui ne sait pas s echapper d un ensemble
de fleurs aussi bien cree,cool karl!

Leigh Charles Erickson says:

Better than Ambien ! Zombie Models too ……

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