Spring Fashion Trends

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Spring is in full bloom and fashion expert Mary Alice Stephenson shows us this season’s hottest trends.

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Its Noeys World says:

Brandi is my god mommy

blessedgirl247 says:

Lol it's only $150 I'm like nope!! #NotToday

Keleen Cruz says:

Those outfit are beautiful.

alizecp19 says:

it's not spring in chicago it's feel like winter

Alex Phillips says:

The fashion expert is giving me a hippie Elle Macpherson.

geckos says:

All those looks are really gorgeous

Alexander Espinal says:

These are always 2 seasons behind

starfish life says:

first model looks JLoish..cute..

Jennifer says:

been following fashion trends intensely for the past year. and it feels like the 70s trend will not die. It was trendy back when it was Fall 2015. Its two seasons later and its still trendy. I just can't get myself to be into it.

PaigeyPop says:

2nd & 3rd outfit for me. Perfect for Spring. That first lady reminds me of JLO too.

RonicaAF says:

Well put together pieces

seygra20 says:

I want outfit 1 & 2

MissAdamLambert888 says:

The first lady totally reminds me of Jennifer Lopez !!!! <3 everyone was so pretty today

Owner of LBOS says:

YES! I just ordered those denim shoes!! #NINEWEST

Clara K. Mallah says:

i love the last outfit so much!!

Clara K. Mallah says:

i love the outfits, so gorgeous!!

Margie says:

The second girl was stunning!

Sam Khreich says:

The font in the background is like the TV show Once Upon A Time XD

blognewb says:

Last girl. Gorgeous everything. Best teeth ever

feef sa says:

i really wanted to punch the screaming lady in the audience -_- ugh

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