Spring Fashion Trends 2015! ‘Must-haves’ and lookbook!

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***Top Spring 2015 Fashion Trends and Must Haves! Try-On Haul!***

Need ideas for what to wear this spring? Need inspiration for outfits? Check out my top picks for this season! Lookbook included at end!

White jeans

Boyfriend shorts

Denim dress

Military jacket

Chambray “jogging” shorts

Distressed denim short-alls

Gingham shirt
Sold out 🙁 J-crew makes a cute one though!

Striped tank (only black version available online)

Wild Hearts t-shirt
In-store only – Blush Boutique Nashville

Mean Girls t-shirt
In-store only – Target

Floral romper

Sleeved romper
In-store only – Blush Boutique Nashville

Floral and fringe kimono


Suede Heels
In-store only – DSW

Suede Booties

Alex and Ani bracelet

Midi rings


Not available online – This one is similar

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Taylor Wood says:

You're videos are so much fun to watch! I just watched the 123 couple tag one and you two were sooo funny and adorable trying too guess the other person's answers 🙂 One day I hope to have the beautiful relationship that you and Kris have together! btw Oliver is just the cutest little thing ever 🙂 so is Zorro!

Eleise Myers says:

Loved this.  I was in need of some inspiration and I just got it. 🙂 Off to shop I go.

Sara Medley says:

Cute Cute Cute!  I especially loved your basics/must-haves! and the fringe 🙂

Mira says:

Hi! My name is Mira, and I create beauty and motivation videos here on YouTube! I believe that beauty should come from the inside, but you should show your confidence on the outside! If you have any time, it would mean the world to me if you checked out my channel! Thanks 🙂

Jennifer Taylor says:

I love your personality! Thanks for the awesome tips on your videos 😉

Sarah Greenfield says:

I'm loving your fashion ideas and tips!! Looking forward to some spring shopping :))

mom2meli says:

Finally got to watch your latest video, and you did not disappoint. Very cute…the clothes and shoes too. 🙂 Also, I'm glad to see Birkenstocks making a comeback. Those were the only shoes my son wore all throughout high school and college. #memories

Keely F says:


This video is super adorable and I love your style. I almost died laughing when you said you were "psycho excited" about the fantastic military style jacket. I have to start using that phrase. You make me chuckle and laugh the whole time I watch the video when you are talking about things because how excited you are. 

I think those black birkenstocks are my favorite thing that you talked about today because I am psyched that they are coming back too!

Hope Wasp says:

OMG!!! Love the boots ?

Linda Chardon says:

Lovin the fringe too this year, you keep my attention right to the end.  Like the slo mo…keep it up.

Sarah Duch says:

I love that graphic tees are in!! There were some great ones for $12.99 at Target!

numbersandletters says:

I've actually been hearing about several of these trends lately but I think I got the most excited hearing that gingham and overalls were making a comeback.  But it seems like just about everything is making a comeback in some way.  What I wasn't aware of (but am really really excited about) are the boyfriend shorts and military jacket.  Loving those!

Loved your weekend look and your running errands outfit.  Definitely my style.  But you in your farmer's market look was just begging to be used in a photo shoot.  Just adorable on you.

Sarah10680 says:

Love this video, Katy! Very fun. As far as what I'm buying this spring…well, let's just say so far my kids are at least stylish. lol Maybe I'll save one paycheck for myself. I love your style, though, mine is the same-casual and comfortable! And I love those shorts-definitely would be comfortable to wear at home or run around in. 

devon314 says:

pretty sure I had those exact overalls when I was 14…too funny to see them again – as shorts – wait did you take them from my closet? ?

Andrea Dunn says:

You are so cute Katy. I love Target and Old Navy! They have some of the cutest clothes, and they're generally pretty cheap. What I want to know is how you keep your white jeans clean? I wear mine once and I spill something on them.

Patsy Ann says:

Love your energy. Cute ideas for mix and match. You are a natural in front of the camera. Can see you are the fashion plate in the family!!! Maybe Kris can write some ditties  about all the new looks. Love in his song Girl Across the Room when he says I probably should have told you that I love that dress you're wearing. Hope you get lots of compliments from him on these really super looking outfits!!

Jem123 says:

are those birkenstocks comfy?

TheNyc57 says:

Not being thin anymore,I normally would never wear stripes but I also found a mostly white with a grey strpe that didn't make me look like I gained 20lbs.I really liked the  ralph Lauren gingham shirt..Looks light and cool for summer.Might buy that.

Emmy Anne says:

Love love overalls & Birkenstocks!

Nicole Simon says:

I LOVED the running errands outfit! So cute! I'm a Conway girl also 🙂

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